How to Tie & Wear an Ascot Scarf

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This video provides a comprehensive overview of wearing and tying an ascot cravat, with a focus on various tying methods, dos and don’ts, and examples of outfits incorporating ascots. Here are more details.

  1. Introduction and Background:
    • The video begins with questions about wearing an ascot and addresses the accessory’s reputation as somewhat elitist and stuffy.
    • The host mentions that ascots were originally intended as a less formal alternative to neckties.
    • Historical references to famous individuals like Fred Astaire and Cary Grant, who wore ascots, are highlighted.
  2. Tying Methods:
    • The video demonstrates three different methods for tying an ascot: the traditional knot, the single knot (not recommended), and the four-in-hand knot (preferred).
    • Detailed step-by-step instructions are provided for each method, including how to adjust the knot for stability and style.
  3. Dos and Don’ts:
    • The video offers guidelines for wearing an ascot, including unbuttoning the top button of the shirt to display the ascot properly.
    • The host advises against unbuttoning more than two buttons, which would look sloppy.
    • Options for positioning the ascot under the collar or allowing it to peek out are discussed, with an emphasis on personal preference.
  4. Styling with Ascots:
    • The video showcases five different outfits featuring ascots to demonstrate their versatility.
    • Each outfit is described in detail, including clothing brands and style elements.
    • The host explains how the ascot complements and elevates each outfit, making it more elegant and stylish.
  5. Outfit Details:
    • Specific details about each outfit are provided, including the type of ascot, clothing brands (such as Budd Shirtmakers, Reiss, Pini Parma), accessories (like pocket squares and watches), and footwear (Johnston and Murphy tassel loafers, Allen Edmonds wingtips).
    • The video highlights the thought process behind each outfit, such as using an ascot to add a touch of sophistication or dressing down a formal look.
  6. Closing Remarks:
    • The host encourages viewers to leave questions, comments, and feedback in the comments section.
    • Viewers are asked to express their preferences for the showcased outfits and are encouraged to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell for future videos.
    • The video concludes with the host signing off and thanking the audience.
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Overall, the video aims to educate viewers on the art of wearing and tying an ascot cravat, dispelling misconceptions and showcasing its potential to enhance various outfits, from classic to casual.

How to Tie an Ascot Scarf  How to Wear an Ascot Scarf

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