How to Use a Tie Clip (The Right Way to Wear One)

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How to Use a Tie Clip

Hold on a second. Is a tie clip really necessary? Does it have a good appearance? Are tie clips still in style today?

These are good questions, and I’ve got the answers in this post for you.

When “Mad Men” premiered in 2007, it truly sparked a renaissance of interest in traditional men’s fashion. The tie clip was one of the items that started to gain popularity as a result.

Although wearing a tie clip was somewhat in style at the time, tie clips have been around for a while and are actually a classic men’s accessory.

Therefore, I’ll discuss the function of a tie clip, various tie clip styles, appropriate size, appropriate placement, what to look for, and what to avoid in this article.

I’m going to discuss a sneaky trick to get around a tie clip and, of course, provide an answer to the question, “Are tie clips still in style?”

What Are Tie Clips used For?

You can use tie clips to keep your tie fastened to your shirt’s placket. It prevents it from accidently dipping into your coffee or food or drifting in the breeze. Generally to keep it in place.

Even though it might seem simple, it’s crucial that your tie clip secures to both your shirt and tie while you’re wearing one.

Styles of Tie Clips

There are two styles of tie clips. You have a pinch clasp and a slide clasp.

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I consider a pinch clasp to be highly secure. With heavier ties, it functions well. The pinch clasp’s sole disadvantage, in my view, is that it doesn’t lay as flat and can protrude somewhat while you’re wearing one.

On the other hand, the way a slide clasp lies is a touch more attractive. For a tie with a typical thickness, it’s a good choice.

My personal preference is a slide clasp, if I had to make a decision.

Size of Tie Clip

It all comes down to proportion in respect to the width of your tie when it comes to tie clip size or length.

In my opinion, a tie clip that is roughly three-quarters the width of your tie is just about perfect. A tie clip should never be bigger than your tie.

How High to Wear Tie Clip?

The next thing you’re likely asking is where the tie clip should be placed or how high to wear tie clip.

As a general guideline, it is best to place the tie clip between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt, excluding the very top collar button.

Once more, I believe that this has the most aesthetically attractive and natural-looking proportions. As you can occasionally see, if it’s too high or low, it actually seems to me like the balance is thrown off.

A tie bar shouldn’t be crooked and should be worn perpendicular to your tie. With the disclaimer that when you wear a tie clip, it will inevitably move every now and then. If you notice it, simply put it back in place, but do not worry, constantly obsess, or make a big deal out of it.

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Color of a Tie Clip

To be able to match any outfit you’re wearing to any setting you’re wearing that outfit in, I believe it’s helpful to have both a silver tone tie clip and a gold tone tie clip in terms of color.

I usually go with silver for everyday items and go with gold for more formal or glamorous evening events.

Now, when it comes to style, be classy and stay away from novelty tie clips like mustaches and whales. The emphasis should be on you, not your accessories.

A Trick

Here is a simple trick to keep in mind when wearing a tie clip.

Pull your tie up to slightly blouse it just before fastening it. This will add the aesthetic appeal and depth a little bit.

You won’t feel restricted or as though the tie clip is holding you in place, and it will also look more natural.

Should You Wear a Tie Clip?

You are entirely free to wear a tie clip or not.

Does it go well with what you’re wearing? Do you feel at ease wearing it? Go for it if you said yes to those questions.

Are tie clips still in style today? A tie clip is a timeless and classic piece of men’s accessory, so whether it’s in style or not, it’s a fashionable finishing touch you can add to a dapper ensemble.

It also ranks among my must-have accessories for men’s style.

How to Wear Tie Clip

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