5 Essential, Must-Have Ties For Men

Essential, Must-Have Ties For Men

This video explores the world of neckwear and provides you the five most essential ties you could ever own.

This is an in-depth guide to 5 must-have ties for your wardrobe and how to wear them well.

The five essential ties for men are:

  1. Knit/Casual Tie – this tie can be crafted out of anything, from synthetic fibers to wool to silk threads.
    The unique texture of a knit tie makes it an excellent way to match the formality of a more casual and soft outfit, like sweaters and slacks, or utilize a knit to relax a more dressed up outfit.
  2. Navy Grenadine Tie – it has careful balance of elements that go into its makeup. It can be worn appropriately across multiple functions. It provides a unique texture, adding some variety and intrigue to an outfit without being too flashy or distracting.
  3. A Tastefully Patterned Tie – this can be anything from a pin or a polka dot, a Macclesfield neat, checks, or houndstooth, or even a paisley design. The key here is to keep the overall pattern small enough in scale to be discreet.
  4. Repp Stripe Tie – it uses at least two colors throughout the tie; one color for the body of the tie and the second color for the stripe itself. Other stripe patterns will include additional colors, too. It can also be a mixture of narrow stripes broken up by wider stripes or several narrow stripes were grouped together by regular intervals.
  5. A Wedding Tie – this is something you’ll want to wear for those really special occasions. You’re going to want to look for something that’s got a silver base color.
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