How to Dress Broad Shoulders Women, Fashion Tips

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How to Dress Broad Shoulders Women

Fashion is all about embracing your body shape and accentuating your best features. If you have broad shoulders and want to create a more balanced silhouette, there are plenty of stylish and flattering clothing options available.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to dress to hide broad shoulders while still looking chic and confident. From choosing the right tops to accessorizing strategically, these fashion tips will help you feel your best in any outfit.

How to Dress Broad Shoulders Women

Choose the Right Neckline

  • Opt for V-neck or scoop necklines, which draw attention towards the center of your body and create the illusion of narrower shoulders. Avoid boat necks or high necklines, as they can emphasize broad shoulders. Additionally, sweetheart and off-the-shoulder necklines can soften the shoulder area and add a touch of femininity.

Embrace A-Line Silhouettes

  • A-line dresses and skirts cinch at the waist and flare out, creating a balanced silhouette. These styles draw the eye towards the waist and hips, diverting attention away from the shoulders. Additionally, maxi dresses with flowy skirts can create a graceful and elongated look.

Opt for Raglan Sleeves

  • Raglan sleeves, characterized by their diagonal seam running from the underarm to the neckline, can visually narrow your shoulder width. These sleeves break up the horizontal line of the shoulders, making them appear less broad. Look for tops and dresses with raglan sleeves for a flattering effect.

Avoid Puffy Sleeves

  • Steer clear of tops with voluminous or puffy sleeves, as they can make your shoulders look wider. Instead, choose fitted sleeves that follow the natural shape of your arms. Three-quarter length sleeves can also be a great option, as they draw attention away from the shoulders and towards the wrists.
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Layer with Cardigans or Blazers

  • Layering can be your best friend when trying to hide broad shoulders. Lightweight cardigans and blazers that fall below the hip can create a vertical line, elongating your torso and balancing out your shoulders. Opt for open-front styles that don’t add bulk to your upper body.

Experiment with Asymmetrical Hemlines

  • Tops or dresses with asymmetrical hemlines divert attention away from the shoulder area. High-low hemlines or diagonal cuts create visual interest and draw the eye downwards, creating a slimming effect. Pair them with well-fitted bottoms to complete the look.

How to Hide Broad Shoulders, Fashion Tips

Choose the Right Fabrics

  • Opt for softer, flowing fabrics like silk, chiffon, or jersey. These materials drape elegantly over the body, creating a more streamlined appearance. Avoid stiff and bulky fabrics that add volume to your shoulders.

Accessorize Strategically

  • Statement necklaces or scarves worn close to the neckline can draw attention upwards and away from your shoulders. Additionally, wearing statement earrings or chunky bracelets can help shift the focus towards your face, diverting attention from your shoulder area.

Consider Hairstyles

  • Experiment with hairstyles that soften your shoulders. Long, flowing hair or hairstyles that frame your face can create a flattering balance. Avoid hairstyles that add volume around the shoulders, such as high ponytails or voluminous updos.

How to Dress to Hide Broad Shoulders

How to Dress to Hide Broad Shoulders

When dressing for women with broad shoulders, the aim is to balance the upper body and create the illusion of a more proportionate silhouette. Here are some outfit combinations tailored specifically for women with broad shoulders:

Wrap Dress and Heeled Boots

  • Outfit: A wrap dress in a solid color or subtle print, paired with heeled ankle boots.
  • Accessories: Long pendant necklace and statement stud earrings.
  • Occasion: Casual dinner, office event, or a daytime party.
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Wide-Leg Pants and Off-the-Shoulder Top

  • Outfit: High-waisted wide-leg trousers with an off-the-shoulder or cold-shoulder top.
  • Accessories: Chunky bracelets, hoop earrings, and a clutch bag.
  • Occasion: Evening out, date night, or a stylish brunch.

Structured Blazer and A-Line Skirt

  • Outfit: Fitted structured blazer, A-line skirt, and a tucked-in blouse.
  • Accessories: Waist belt, stud earrings, and ankle strap heels.
  • Occasion: Work meetings, formal events, or business conferences.

Long Cardigan and Skinny Jeans

  • Outfit: Long, open-front cardigan, fitted tank top, and skinny jeans.
  • Accessories: Scarf, ankle boots, and a hobo bag.
  • Occasion: Casual outings, coffee dates, or shopping trips.

Boat Neck Dress and Wedge Heels

  • Outfit: Boat neck dress that cinches at the waist, paired with wedge heels.
  • Accessories: Statement necklace, cuff bracelet, and a clutch purse.
  • Occasion: Summer parties, weddings, or evening gatherings.

Peplum Top and Tailored Trousers

  • Outfit: Peplum top in a solid color, tailored trousers, and pointed-toe flats or heels.
  • Accessories: Dainty necklace, stud earrings, and a structured handbag.
  • Occasion: Work attire, formal dinners, or professional events.

Tunic Dress and Leggings

  • Outfit: Long tunic dress, leggings, and knee-high boots.
  • Accessories: Long pendant necklace, hoop earrings, and a crossbody bag.
  • Occasion: Casual gatherings, fall outings, or weekend errands.

One-Shoulder Jumpsuit and Block Heels

  • Outfit: One-shoulder jumpsuit in a dark color, paired with block heel sandals.
  • Accessories: Statement cuff, stud earrings, and a sleek clutch.
  • Occasion: Cocktail parties, weddings, or formal events.

Remember, confidence is key to pulling off any outfit. Choose styles that make you feel comfortable and confident, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different silhouettes until you find what works best for you.

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Broad Shoulders Outfits For Women


Embracing your body shape and dressing to flatter your figure is all about understanding what works best for you. By choosing the right necklines, embracing A-line silhouettes, opting for raglan sleeves, avoiding puffy sleeves, layering strategically, experimenting with asymmetrical hemlines, selecting the right fabrics, accessorizing thoughtfully, and considering hairstyles that complement your frame, you can create stylish and flattering outfits that hide broad shoulders. Remember, confidence is the key to looking and feeling fabulous in any outfit you choose to wear.


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