How to Dress With Small Chest (9 Tips)

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How to Dress With Small Chest

No matter what breast size you have, I want to share with you my nine favorite outfit tricks that will always make you feel feminine and confident.

The Neckline Matters

If you have a smaller bust, look for detailing. Whether it’s embroidery or laces, wearing something with detail in front of your chest is quite attractive.

These can complement someone with a smaller chest because they are very feminine.

Smocking Works

Another gorgeous pattern for ladies with smaller busts is smocking. These are quite fashionable and perfect for women with petite chests.

With a smocked top, dresses and jumpsuits fit your body more closely. As a result, it gives you a very feminine shape and gently embraces your curves.

They look particularly flattering on someone with a smaller bust since the smocking style provides extra volume to the front of your chest.

High Necklines

On a woman with a smaller bust, a higher neckline might seem very flattering.

A turtleneck will totally enclose the area in your upper chest, giving the impression that there is more volume there. It can therefore balance out a person with a smaller chest.

Your top half will get more volume and your shape will be balanced if your sweater has chunkier knits as well.

The similar approach can be used in the summer. Wearing a t-shirt with a higher neckline, such as a crew neck t-shirt, will also give this area more fullness and help balance out a smaller bust.


Seek out ruching. Ruching is one of my favorite design elements.

When you’re looking for something that can help you look slimmer, I’ve previously discussed ruching. These are one of the most slimming patterns when they are horizontal and rest on your stomach.

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We’re talking a distinct kind of ruching in this instance. We’re talking about the vertical ruching that runs across your chest.

Whether it’s a top or a dress, having this on your chest makes space. This is going to fit a person with a larger bust. This will give the appearance of volume if your chest is smaller.

That explains why they seem so flattering on a woman with a smaller bust.

Square Neckline

You may remember that I told you that a higher neckline looks great on you, but it is not your only option. Of course, you can wear a lower neckline as well.

A square neckline and puffy sleeves are my personal favorites.

The area around the collarbones is quite feminine. I want you to show off this area. When you focus on this area, it appears really feminine.

Additionally, having puffy shoulders helps balance out the volume in your top half by adding a little bit more volume to your shoulders.


Ruffles are your greatest buddies if your chest is smaller.

Wear a blouse with ruffles. The multiple layers of ruffles will give the impression of a bigger chest and look feminine.

Another option is to wear an off-the-shoulder dress with ruffles. The ruffles are horizontally straight across. On someone with a smaller chest, this looks quite feminine and adds another layer of fabrics.

Plunging Neckline

Do not be afraid to wear necklines with a deep plunging if your chest is smaller.

On a smaller bust, deep plunging necklines are my favorite. This is really stylish. This will make people notice this area.

Your chest will become more focused as a result. This is still going to look great on someone with a smaller bust, though, because you’re highlighting this very feminine area.

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Cowl Neckline

Cowl necks, which have layers, are another lovely neckline for the smaller bust.

Cowl neck sweaters and camisoles both give the appearance of fullness when worn, which is why they seem quite feminine and can aid a smaller bust.

Find The Right Bra

Regardless of your cup size—double AA, A, or B—finding the ideal bra is crucial.

Compared to women with larger busts, women with smaller busts don’t discuss this topic as much. Because you need the support from your bra if your chest is large.

That is why it is so important.

However, women with petite busts frequently believe that everything is in order. However, the appearance of your complete ensemble will change once you find the correct bra.

This is much more than simply cleavage because your bra is the foundation of everything. Here are my three preferred methods if you want to create cleavage.

Push Up Bra

The first method is push up bras. I’m sure you already know this. These bras have a unique shape. They are thinner on top and thicker at the bottom.

They are able to push it up and create more volume to the top of your bra because of this. This may give it appearance as though you have more cleavage.

However, pay attention to how thick these bras are. I occasionally find that push up bras aren’t the best option for summer because they’re so thick.

Demi Bra

The demi bra is in second place. These bras are actually my go-to these days because they have a plunging neckline that also makes them incredibly comfortable to wear, no matter of the season.

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These are the best choices if you have a t-shirt with a lower neckline. They can create the similar result of enhancing cleavage due to the shape of this bra.


The NuBras, which are in position three, are my go-to summertime bra.

Do not assume that NuBras are just appropriate for really low necklines or backless attire. On every type of dress or top you’re wearing, you can use this every day. The best cleavage is produced by this.

My tip is to place the NuBras directly beneath your boobs rather than in the middle, since this will yield the best results.

You’ll be astonished if you give it a try today.

Many factors must be considered when finding the proper bras. One of them is size. The shape of your breasts is yet another crucial factor in the equation.

This is something that nobody else is talking about. There are primarily eight main breast shapes, and each shape is compatible with a particular type of bra.

How to find the best bra for your particular breast shape is the subject of my next article.

How to Dress With Small Bust

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