Long Hair After 50

This video features a stylist sharing insights into flattering hairstyles for women over 50 with long hair. If you want to know the most flattering long hairstyles for women over 50, this video is for you. These styles allow you to get hair volume where you want while accentuating the gorgeous features of your face.

Long with Bangs (Hairstyle 1)

Long Hair With Bangs After 50

  • Bangs are not connected with any layering, providing a one-length look with emphasis on the eyes.
  • Depending on the bangs’ style, they can accentuate cheekbone structure and lift the face.
  • Suitable for those who prefer long hair without extensive layering but desire a point of interest.

Face-Framing Layers (Hairstyle 2)

Long Hair Styles After 50

  • Involves having layers around the face while keeping the rest of the hair one length.
  • The location of layers can add fullness or length to the face.
  • This style integrates well with bangs and creates movement without excessive layering.

Long Hair with Strong Layering (Hairstyle 3)

How to Style Long Hair After 50

  • Strong layering throughout the hair, particularly at the back, adds movement and texture.
  • Styling with a bend (not wave) lifts the hair around the temple area and follows the jawline and cheekbone structure.

Long with Strong Layers Styled with Waves (Hairstyle 4)

Long Hair After 50

  • Styling with waves adds dimension and movement to the overall look.
  • Layering prevents the hair from appearing triangular-shaped and enhances volume around the temple area.
  • The stylist emphasizes that the wave should complement layered hair, not one-length hair.
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Long with Strong Layers Styled Curly (Hairstyle 5)

Long Curly Hair After 50

  • Curly hair tends to grow out before growing down, and over-layering helps maintain a nice shape.
  • Over-layering is particularly suitable for thick curly hair, creating volume around the temple area and less around the cheeks.
  • Extra layers add movement, texture, and a lively appearance to long curly hair.

The video concludes by teasing a linked video that discusses a hairstyle viewers should avoid. The stylist invites viewers to check out that video for more information.


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