How To Be Stylish Woman (7 Secrets)

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How To Be Stylish Woman

There are those women who always appear to look stylish, and you undoubtedly know one or two of them. They would look stylish and put together even if they were actually wearing sweatpants when you ran into them at a flea market.

In this article, I’m going to share seven style tips that every stylish woman understands, and at least a few of them might completely change the way you approach your own style.

The best secret is saved until last, and it’s a good one. Continue reading because it’s my favorite, not what you’re going to expect, and really good.

Secret #1

The first secret is that stylish women don’t care about brand names.

They don’t care if you’re thinking of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, or another brand.

The only reason they would purchase one of these brands is because it complements their unique sense of style. This is not to say that they don’t purchase, invest in, or wear these brands.

They won’t purchase anything simply because it is a status symbol, a well-known brand, or will make people think they are xyz if they wear it. They don’t seem to care at all.

Secret #2

You’re about to be completely perplexed by the following secret: stylish women do not follow fashion trends.

I know I talk about trends a lot on this website, but bear with me.

Because they have previously invested the time, effort, and energy into determining their unique style, stylish people will only choose trends that complement their particular style rather from simply following the latest fashion.

Therefore, if the trend appeals to them, they think it sounds entertaining, or it fits with their personal style, attitude, or sense of self, they will give it a try.

However, just because something is quite trendy—for instance, puff sleeves have been extremely popular for nearly a year—does not mean that they will wear it. They’ll never wear something just because it’s in style, and neither should you.

However, they are always aware of what is fashionable and popular. Women that are fashionable will always keep themselves informed of current trends. It makes sense that fashionable people would be aware of what is in and out of style because they are generally genuinely interested in fashion.

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Secret #3

Fashionable women aren’t afraid to purchase a $500 jacket from a high-end store and a $10 pair of jeans from Target and combine them together.

They frequently mix high-end and low-end products.

According to what I’ve heard, Cameron Diaz doesn’t have a stylist and dresses herself. She frequently has a top from a fairly costly designer brand on while wearing something from H&M, like a pair of jeans.

Additionally, they frequently combine old and new. A truly stylish person’s closet is probably never going to be entirely comprised of items that are brand new,  by brand new I mean the current ones in the last year or two.

Additionally, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see a closet completely filled with vintage clothing.

Because they follow what resonates with their personal style, they frequently mix high and low, old and new.

Secret #4

Being able to accessorize is a crucial aspect of stylish women’s secret.

Let’s go back to that friend you might run into at the garbage dump who always manages to look put together and stylish. She typically wears accessories, which is how she manages to look that way in her sweatpants.

She might have added a hat or a nice bag along with some of her characteristic jewelry. She has a distinctive style and still manages to look good in whatever ultra-casual outfit she chooses, so there must be some sort of extra little thing at work.

Secret #5

The rule of threes is the next fashion tip, which you may already be familiar with if you’ve read any fashion-related articles or watched any fashion-related videos. It’s a really popular and good suggestion. Sometimes it’s the only one you actually need.

It is to always include a third item in your outfit.

Stylish women are aware of this. You’ll see them wearing something that they don’t really need to wear, but it gives their outfit more visual look than just a top and bottom.

That will almost always be accessories, but it might also be a blazer, scarf, headband, or hat. You really need to experiment with these things to see what resonates to you.

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Layered necklaces, a great watch, a really cool bag, or a belt are some further examples of this third item.

Secret #6

The next habit you should develop will actually change your life.

Stylish women plan their outfits.

They don’t make plans a day or a week in advance if they have a significant occasion coming up, such as a wedding or a Saturday night out.

They undoubtedly began planning that event as soon as they learned they would be going. Probably a month or so beforehand.

As a result, when it’s time to leave, they have everything planned and always look put together because they have already tried on the outfit, are aware of the jewelry to wear with it, and are wearing the appropriate shoes.

The reverse of that is when you have an idea of how you want your outfit to look or what you believe you’re going to wear, so you have it planned like that, and then you go to put on your outfit and something about the outfit just doesn’t work. I’ve done that for sure on numerous occasions.

You didn’t plan it, so you had to do it that way, and as a result, you don’t look as good as you could have. But now you’re stuck with it.

This is not only true for special events; even planning your outfit for the following day can alter your sense of style because you will have more time to consider the appropriate shoes, tops, bottoms, and accessories without the urgency of an impending event.

People definitely don’t need to think about what to wear as much for a casual every day as they do when they are more in sync with their own personal style, what they actually like, and what looks good on them.

But everyone may adopt the habit of planning their outfits in order to look a little bit more stylish and make their life a little bit simpler.

Secret #7

My favorite fashion trick is that stylish women frequently adopt some absolutely disgusting attire. I’m not sure why I find this so endearing. horrible, I mean.

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What I mean is this.

They aren’t afraid to take chances, they’re not afraid to walk out in public in something that can be deemed heinous looking, and truth be told they probably eventually decided themselves that that was not my best outfit.

They have achieved this status as a stylish person since they do not hesitate to take risks and are afraid trying things out to hone their personal reason of style.

As a result, when your stylish friend wears an outfit that raises serious ethical questions, you may first think, “I don’t like it,” but later you say, “Go girl, good for you for stepping out.”

This is an essential phase in developing your personal style, and after you wear on your first truly stylish outfit and wear it in public in front of everyone, you realize nothing awful happened. Things are still going on, your friends are still your friends, and nothing is wrong.

It was enjoyable and somewhat liberated, in bit.

So let’s all dress terribly and become extremely fashionable.

Being stylish is similar to getting in shape or working on your muscles. It won’t happen over night, but the more you concentrate on it and make an effort to do it every day, the more stylish you will become over time.

Stylish Women Secrets


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