What to Wear For Thick Calves and Ankles?

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What to Wear For Thick Calves and Ankles?

On this website, I’ve been tackling a lot of different fit problems.

I’m trying to cover a wide range of topics and deal with many of the issues that you all are facing.

I want to talk about thick ankles and calves in this article. Typically, one follows the other.

If you have a thicker calf, it will also blend into your ankle, which means that your ankle won’t be as defined as someone with a thinner calf.

If your calves and ankles are thicker, there are several limitations and things you should avoid.

Additionally, there are specific outfits that you can wear to try to make them appear slimmer and more ladylike and feminine.

There are always things that I advise people to avoid, refrain from doing, or make an effort not to do. However, this does not imply that there is a general ban against doing it. Of course, you could do whatever you want, whatever makes you happy and makes you feel confident and comfortable.

I’m just trying to make you look your best and put your best foot forward. I’m basing these recommendations on my knowledge and experience.

Let’s get started.


First off, if your calves and ankles are thicker than average, you should strive to wear pants as much as you can.

Obviously, pants are going to look the best on you. This is not to imply that you can’t wear skirts or dresses. Pants  will undoubtedly hide the issue – the thicker calves and ankles.

However, maintaining that is incredibly difficult for women. When it gets warmer, you should wear shorts and skirts.

So let’s talk about skirts and shorts.

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If you’re going to wear a skirt, I recommend choosing one that is just below the knee or mid-thigh in length. Somewhere around the knee area.

If you do have thicker calves and ankles, that length will actually look the best on you.

Any more than that will just serve to draw attention to the problematic area. Because your eye naturally travels to the point where your hemline finishes when you do so.

If you are wearing a midi dress, skirt, or cropped pants, the attention will be drawn right to the problem area.

Therefore, choose for a skirt that is either mid-thigh skirt or just below the knee in length. That’s where you should end it.


An a-line, flared, or full skirt will always be preferable in terms of silhouette for your skirts and dresses.

Your calves and ankles will appear smaller in relation to the volume of that skirt or dress, which will also make your legs appear shorter overall.

If you do have thicker calves and ankles, your friends are flared skirts, a-line skirts, and full skirts.

Monochromatic Look

Monochromatic clothing will also look fantastic on you.

Consider the scenario when you wish to wear an ankle boot in the fall and winter. If your calves are thicker, the ankle boot isn’t as great for you.

So you put on a pair of black tights. Everything that has a single color throughout it. You’ll appear longer and thinner if you wear only black, gray, or navy.

Not just those of you with thicker calves and ankles—that rule truly applies to all of us.

Pointed Toe Pumps

Your legs will undoubtedly appear longer if you wear pointed toe pumps.

They’ll make you look taller and they’ll make you look skinnier and slimmer.

Therefore, you should look for pointed-toe pumps.

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Because of the way the shoe is designed, slingback espadrilles, slingback pumps, and slingback cork wedges will all be beneficial.

It wraps around the back of your ankle. It does not cut you off at the ankle.

Conversely, you ought to generally stay away from ankle strap sandals. That will not represent you in the best light.

So you should generally stay away from sandals or shoes with ankle straps.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a common item among women. You can wear an ankle boot, but only if you can wear tights with it. That would be great if it matched the time of year.

If you are unable to, you might opt to wear it with a pair of slim jeans. You will maintain the length of the line in this manner.

Neutral Colors

Wearing shoes in neutral hues is another quick shoe hack.

It will also keep your legs looking long and lean, which is what you want, if you wear a nude shoe or a metallic shoe, something that really blends in with your skin tone.

Tall Boots

Your best friends are going to be tall, knee-high boots. You should own a pair of cognac, black, or brown knee-high boots.

That ought to be your go-to option during the fall and winter.

You likely need a zip-up boot if your calves are thicker. You might not be able to pull-on boots.

Additionally, you might need to look for boots with a wider width so that your calves have some room.


When it comes to jeans, you’re going to have a difficult time with skinny jeans, which is another area where you’re going to suffer.

You’ll need to look for skinny jeans with a lot of stretch and give. The stiffer, more conventional denim is probably not going to work good with thin jeans.

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Just test it to see how it stretches when you’re at the store shopping and selecting items that you want to try on.

If it is really elastic and you do have thicker calves and ankles, it will probably fit you nicely.

Although the skinny jean won’t flatter your figure the best, you can still wear them.

Pairing them with a similar-colored pump or shoe can make you appear longer and thinner.

Create Visual Balance

Another simple trick is to draw the viewer’s eye upward. You are playing a trick on the viewer’s eye.

Keep everything else below neutral and wear a brightly colored top and outfit.

Wear on a pair of black sneakers and black tights. Wear a striking, large necklace. Do wear a printed top and do wear stripes.

That will cause the focus to draw up and away from the trouble eye. It’s creating that visual balance.


You can still wear skirts and dresses despite having thicker calves and ankles.

You simply need to be very deliberate, strategic, and careful about the clothing you choose to wear.

You shouldn’t worry about your area of weakness. Simply being mindful of it and being strategic about it is all that is required.

And you’re going to look beautiful, really fantastic.

Thick Calves and Ankles

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