Fashion For Women Over 40 (5 Rules)

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Fashion For Women Over 40

What are your thoughts on fashion rules?

Aren’t they a pain to deal with?

I’m going to talk about the only 5 fashion rules for women over 40 in this article.

These are the style rules that I follow, and they will surprise you.

I’m going to discuss these vexing fashion rules, but I’m going to take a different approach.

I don’t believe in style rules; instead, I believe that you can wear whatever you choose as long as you do so confidently and joyfully.

That is the most important fashion rule that we should all follow.

These are the five basic rules that I follow in terms of style, which can be useful to anyone and should be kept in mind.

But what is the most important factor?

What does it make me feel like when I’m wearing it, and how confident do I feel in it? If you feel really confident and you love it, you should put it on.

Fit is Key

The first fashion rule I prefer to follow is that fit is key.

I dislike wearing clothes that don’t fit properly.

There are a few indicators on your upper body that indicate whether or not a garment is appropriately fitting you.

If the shoulder seam extends past your shoulder, the sleeves are likely too long, but the seam is at the incorrect location for your shoulders.

The shoulder seam must be located on the shoulder. Shirts, jackets, and sweaters are all examples of this.

There are a few exceptions to this rule. An exception would be a sweater with a drop shoulder. However, in general, that’s a good method to tell if something fits you well.

Then take a look at your sleeve, which should fall between your thumb joint and wrist bone.

If you discover your sleeves are overly long, it’s most likely due to a misaligned shoulder seam.

Request that the shoulder seam be moved up by a tailor, and it will be great for you.

The fit of your pants is also important. If you’re wearing jeans that aren’t tapered or ankle length, such as full-length, wide-leg jeans, they should be one half to three quarters of an inch above the ground.

It may not necessitate tailoring, but it may necessitate a change of footwear.

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If you like a pair of jeans, you buy two and tailor one while leaving the other untattered. One is for heels and the other is for flats.

When it comes to making garments look polished, smart, elevated, beautiful, feminine, luxury, and expensive, fit is crucial. Everything we want them to look like and be.

Another thing to consider when it comes to fitness is that we go through phases.

Right now, I’m going through a weight-gain phase. What I could do is wear pants and jeans that are way too tight for me, causing things to spill over the sides and making me uncomfortable.

Or I could accept that this is where my body is at the moment and go out and get an extra pair of jeans that I can put on and feel lot better in, more comfortable in, and that make me look smaller.

A lot of women get caught up in the number, asking themselves, “What size am I?”

When you wear sizes that are too tiny, you can make yourself appear larger. It can make you appear smaller and more elegant if you move up a size. When in doubt, I’d go for the bigger size.

I try to tell myself that it’s not about the number; it’s about accepting where my body is right now.

My clothing must have that fluidity and polish in order for me to look my best. That means I should dress in the appropriate size for my body.

Show Skin Strategically

For as long as I can remember, this has been a fashion rule for me. I’ve never been the type to let everything hang out. Are there any exceptions to this rule? Sure.

However, the more beautiful and classy way is to expose one section of skin while concealing the rest. It’s very easy to do.

It simply implies that if you’re going to reveal a lot of chest cleavage, you should cover your arms and legs. Keep your arms and chest covered if you’re going to show a lot of leg in a mini skirt or mini dress.

Keep your chest and legs covered if you’re wearing a halter neck dress to show off your toned arms.

That’s all there is to it.

It truly works to keep you looking as lovely, feminine, and polished as possible. It’s simple to execute and also creates a sense of mystery.

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European women have impressed me with their understanding of and appreciation for elegance.

They aren’t extravagant in any way. They don’t go overboard with their nails, makeup, hair, or clothes. Everything is tastefully done.

If you want to look classy and elegant, follow this rule.

Avoid Bargain Trap

The third fashion rule, or perhaps a recommendation, is to avoid falling into the bargain trap.

This is a difficult one for me.

I enjoy going to an outlet store and finding a diamond in the rough at the best price, and I’d wind up buying all these stuff and thinking I’d gotten a great deal, only to never wear them.

There may be times when you find a wonderful piece that you adore at a fantastic price and wear it all the time, but most of the time you don’t, and you fall victim to the discount trap.

I simply do not want you to go there, as I have done many times before.

I frequently find products that I adore at full price and then wait for them to go on sale before purchasing them. That way, I’ll know for sure that I adore this item. I sat with it for a while, contemplating it, and finally bought it when it went on sale.

It’s a wise strategic purchase, and you can make it based on your shopping list as well. It simply implies that you purchase items from your basic shopping lists or items that you have had your eye on for some time.

As a result, avoid falling into the bargain trap.

Fashion For Women Over 40

Do Not Wear It If It’s Not Comfortable

The fourth style rule is that I don’t wear anything if I don’t feel comfortable in it. Period.

It’s natural to feel at ease when you’re wearing something. It could be the same thing on another day, but you don’t feel comfortable wearing it that day for whatever reason.

I could be on a trip with a limited number of clothes, and I’ll wear this, this, and this one day, and then the next day, for whatever reason, I won’t feel comfortable wearing that.

I’ll mix things up because I want to feel like a million bucks when I leave wherever I am, whether it’s an apartment, a house, or a hotel.

I’ll change if I’m not feeling comfortable, whatever that is.

If I’ve been traveling, I’ll wear the same outfit for several days. I don’t mind if it means I’m at ease.

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I don’t just mean what feels soft on your skin and is the most comfortable on your body when I say comfort. I’m talking about what you feel comfortable wearing and what you think looks great on you.

Wear Anything You Want

My final fashion rule, and this is my personal favorite, is that I will wear whatever I want, regardless of my age.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this one for a long time. I used to feel so self-conscious about wearing certain items when I first had children and was in full-on mommy mode.

I don’t mind now that I’m a little older and the kids are older!

I’m going to wear whatever makes me happy.

I challenge you to wear any ideal attire you have in mind that truly makes you feel special.

I believe it is critical to push yourself. It’s critical to buy something you love, but are a little afraid of, because this fosters your growth, allows you to venture outside the box, and allows you to witness the magic unfold.

I want you to push yourself in that direction and see what happens when you choose that dangerous piece for yourself, for that risky outfit or dress.


Let’s go over my fashion rules now that I’m in my 40s.

It’s all about the fit. I don’t wear ill-fitting clothes.

Strategically exposing skin. That adds a touch of refinement and elegance.

Be wary of falling into the bargain trap. We’re all guilty of it.

I need to be at ease and confident.

I’m going to wear on whatever I want. My favorite rule is this one.

Fashion Style Over 40


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