Butterfly Haircut – Short, Medium & Long Hair

Butterfly Haircuts

The butterfly haircut has become a significant hair trend, combining elements of the ’70s shag and the ’90s “Rachel” with contemporary bombshell blowouts.

The hairstyle is characterized by heavily layered and feathered cuts with shorter layers on top of the head and through the crown. There are also curtain bangs.

The whimsical name of the cut comes from these shorter, face-framing layers that resemble butterfly wings.

The top layer falls just past the shoulders, the shorter layers fall at or below the chin, and the shorter layers on top are merged through to the longer layers on the bottom. The layers add texture, movement, and volume to the hair.

The way the layers are joined gives you a very layered haircut that shifts all the weight back toward the face and gets rid of the heavy ends, setting it apart from other haircuts.

The cut is voluminous yet low-maintenance, and it works as a short haircut or on medium-length and shoulder-length hair.

The butterfly cut is versatile, suitable for various hair types, including curly, wavy, straight, thick, and fine hair.


Pro Hairdresser Guide To Doing A ‘Butterfly Cut’ At Home

The butterfly haircut is introduced as a trendy alternative to the wolf cut, with similarities but featuring more face-framing layers and an elevated style.

The tutorial emphasizes the importance of starting with wet hair for precision and lists essential tools like a comb with both big and small teeth, hair-cutting scissors, and optional thinning shears for those with thick hair.

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The hairdresser demonstrates the butterfly cut with step-by-step instructions, including sectioning hair, creating a high ponytail, and making angled cuts to achieve face-framing layers. The importance of cutting a significant amount of hair for a visible impact is stressed.

The video concludes with styling tips using heat protection and sea salt spray to enhance texture and volume. The final look showcases the butterfly cut’s dramatic layering, especially in the front, giving a voluminous and textured appearance.


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