How to Look Good in Jacket

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How to Look Good in Jacket

In this video, the speaker addresses three possible reasons why viewers might be watching the video: they are unhappy with how their jackets look on them and want to know why, their friends have told them they don’t look good in jackets, or they are offended by the video’s title.

The speaker reassures viewers that they are not saying that everyone looks bad in jackets and that the video will provide helpful tips for improving the look of jackets.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of investing in a quality jacket that fits well, rather than cutting corners with a poorly made one. He suggests that shopping secondhand can be a good option for those on a budget. The speaker also notes that small details such as zippers, buttons, and finishing touches can indicate whether a jacket is well-made.

The main focus of the video is on the length and fit of jackets, and the speaker introduces the concept of the “golden ratio,” a mathematical ratio that can be used to create aesthetically pleasing compositions.

To use the golden ratio in fashion, the speaker suggests measuring from the feet to the top of the shoulder or neckline and dividing that measurement by 1.618, which is the golden ratio. The resulting measurement is the “golden ratio point,” which can help determine the ideal length for a jacket. The speaker provides examples of men wearing different length leather jackets to illustrate the concept.

Overall, the video aims to provide helpful tips for improving the look of jackets and reassuring viewers that they can look good in them with the right fit and style.

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