Peekaboo Highlights Hair Color

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Peekaboo Hair Color

This video is a tutorial by Mirella Manelli demonstrating how to create a two-toned peekaboo hair look using bold money piece highlights with a platinum card technique on dark hair. Mirella uses Kenra color and Donabella hair extensions for the tutorial.

The model’s hair, which has not been done for about two and a half months, is prepared by sectioning out the perimeter using a method similar to a previous high-contrast hair video.

The goal for this session is to improve density, so extensions are introduced, and the platinum card technique is employed using Kendra Professional Blue Powder Lightener with a one to two mixing ratio and 20 volume developer.

Mirella applies the blue powder lightener in a flat-wrap fashion to ensure even lift, especially considering the model’s dark hair, and uses foil as a heat conductor for consistency.

The back section is worked on first, followed by dividing the front section into four parts and applying the lightener using a folded foil technique to protect more fragile hair near the front.

After the lightening process, a demi-permanent hair color (4a) is applied to the hair outside the foils to control warmth and even out the overall color.

Following a 20-minute processing time, Mirella introduces Kenra color creatives in magenta and dusty rose. The colors are tested before application, and the extensions are prepped with a combination of shades (1b 60 and 60) to achieve an ombre effect and a full magenta piece.

Mirella colorizes both sides of the extensions and uses funked up film to separate them during processing.

The final step involves applying the colored extensions to the model’s 100% dry hair from the bottom up, using foils to keep the application clean.

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The video concludes with a recap of the process and a display of the final result, showcasing the two-toned peekaboo highlights achieved with Kenra color.

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