Old Money Nails: Quiet Luxury

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Old Money Nails

“Old-money nails” embody a classic and sophisticated aesthetic characterized by chic, timeless colors and impeccable cuticle work. Typically, shades such as reds, soft pinks, and neutrals are associated with this trend, reflecting a sense of class, elegance, and status.

The style is minimal and versatile, suitable for any wardrobe. Old-money nails are often seen in a natural, active nail length, with medium-length squoval or short soft square shapes being recommended.

Sheer Old Money Nails

Sheer Old Money Nails – Photo: @matejanova

Opaque Old Money Nails

Opaque Old Money Nails – Photo: @jessmaynard_nails

Pink Old Money Nails

Pink Old Money Nails – Photo: @charlotteemilybeauty_

Red Old Money Nails

Red Old Money Nails – Photo: @polished_and_designed

To achieve old-money nails, salon-goers are advised to request deep, rich red tones, diffused French manicures, or semi-sheer nudes from their nail technicians.

For the best results, visiting a certified nail artist skilled in Russian manicures is recommended, given the emphasis on clean cuticles. DIY enthusiasts should prioritize clean and hydrated cuticles and hands, prepping with nightly applications of hand lotion and cuticle cream.

Recommended shades for this trend include Chanel Le Vernis Ballerina, Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Noir, OPI Big Apple Red, and Dazzle Dry Peacefully Me. Bringing a reference photo of the preferred shape, length, and color to the salon is suggested for achieving the desired old-money nail look.


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