3 Key Italian Fashion Style Tips

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Italian Fashion Style Tips

Here, I’d like to discuss certain elements of Italian fashion style that I believe anyone may adopt and incorporate into their closet.

These are factors that have nothing to do with the number of clothes in your closet or whether or not they are all ultra trendy.

When you’re wearing them, it’s all about who you are.

A quick disclaimer before we get started. I was born in the United States, but I have spent many weeks in Italy. It took a lot of time to figure out how much the way Italians live affects their closet and how they dress.

These were some of the elements I was able to gather together that can help everyone develop a more confident sense of style.

Sense of Confidence

Throughout my research, one of the first underlying elements of Italian style that I noticed was a sense of confidence. Regardless of their body type or if their outfit was ultra trendy or traditional.

I believe it derives from the underlying value of making a good impression. Putting your best foot forward is the basic idea behind this approach.

It makes no difference whether you feel like it or not. When you leave your house, you are well-dressed, confident, and wearing clothes that reflect this and make you feel good.

I truly believe that wearing in clothes that make you feel 100 percent wonderful and awesome may improve your attitude, perception of yourself, and how others see you, giving you a huge boost in self-confidence.

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I understand that this is much easier said than done. You can’t merely wave and instill confidence in someone.

If there are any pieces that make you feel uneasy or that make you restless because the fit isn’t quite right, I propose that you take another look at them and try restyling them in different ways.

Maybe it’s just an issue of personal preference. Perhaps a garment isn’t displaying what you want to display or what you are most confident in.

Look into getting your clothes altered so that they feel perfectly and show off everything you want to show off. There’s always something to do.

Italy, and the Italian streets in particular, are noted for being style forward and for setting trends.

Italian women are more concerned with looking their very best while remaining stylish than with fitting in and following trends.

They have this clever way of putting their own twist on a trend, resulting in clothes that look and feel current while still retaining a great deal of personality.

When we’re so focused on establishing a certain type of look or ensuring that our outfit is current, we forget that what actually makes a very amazing outfit is adding your own special tweak and touch of yourself to it.

It could be the way you style something or the addition of a very unique piece.

Pairing an item that is a little bit trend forward with some of your go-to pieces is another styling tip that is a terrific way to put your own distinctive mark on a trend. Those products that may seem a little plain to you, but that you wear on a regular basis and are extremely comfortable in.

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Element of Playfulness and Fun

Il dolce far niente, which literally means “the sweetness of nothing,” is another Italian philosophy that is taught from a young age.

Because there’s usually an element of playfulness and fun, this typically translates to Italian street style outfits.

Maybe it’s a bright flash of color, a unique accessory like a bag or a type of footwear, or the ever present Italian accessory, the hat.

This is merely a general aspect of amusement that we can all recall when we get ready. When you can’t find exactly what you’re wearing for in your closet, it’s easy to become irritated and frustrated.

However, this serves as a terrific reminder that fashion should be enjoyable.

Taking all of the most fascinating pieces in your closet is one approach to add fun to your closet. Things with bright or interesting colors, prints, and different textures, and try mixing and pairing those bolder pieces.

You can come up with some very unique combinations if you put your mind to it.

It’s possible that not all of them will work. In fact, none of them may work, but the point is to have fun with your clothes and see what happens.

That can merely start your creative juices flowing, and you might come up with a new favorite combo that you hadn’t considered before.

Everything is Very Flattering

The last aspect to mention is that everything looks flattering on Italian ladies. They have a great sense of how to make their bodies look good.

According to an article I had read, the Italian style is also regarded as a highly bombshell style. This does not mean that you should always wear tight-fitting attire or clothing that emphasizes your figure.

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It’s simply a matter of recognizing what looks well on you and flatters your body. Understanding what proportions look well on us and not being hesitant to take things to a tailor or seamstress to have items changed to make them look like they were custom built for us is an easy approach to apply this to our own closets.

What’s crucial is that once you grasp your body’s proportions, you’ll be able to effectively defy the rules. It means working with oversized things and drama and volume.

And Italian women are masters at it.

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