10 Different Ways to Style a Cardigan

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Different Ways to Style a Cardigan

Cardigans are so basic and may easily make you look older, so I used to avoid wearing them.

However, this is not the case anymore.

In this article, you will discover how to style cardigans so that you look fashionable and youthful.

Tuck It In

Because I thought of cardigans as a layering garment, I was unaware of how to tuck in a cardigan, despite the fact that it sounds extremely simple and basic.

But it gives you a totally new look when you tuck your cardigan in.

Make sure your cardigan isn’t too thick or long in order to achieve this. If you don’t, it will only give you too much volume when you tuck it in, which is not at all flattering.

My merino wool cardigan is thin, which makes it very easy to tuck in.

I have a cardigan that isn’t that long, so it doesn’t look bad when I wear the midi skirt with it untucked. Even though it appears to be only two to three inches shorter on my top, as I tuck it in, I notice a significant visual difference.

Your body is now split into two thirds at the bottom and one third on top, which is a significant change. Regardless of your height, this is the eye-pleasing proportion.

Your torso and legs will appear shorter and longer, respectively, and your body will appear more proportionate as a result. It’s crucial, especially if your legs are shorter.

It can also be worn with an identical-colored a-line skirt. This monochromatic look will create an uninterrupted vertical line for your body. That looks very flattering if you want to look taller.

Add a Belt

Try a belt if you want to take wearing your cardigan tucked in to the next level.

I’m adding a wide belt, and it instantly makes my look reaching chic status.

Wide belts are ideal for people with long torsos and small legs since they will make your torso appear shorter and your legs appear longer.

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However, if you have a short torso body type, you should use the belt with extreme caution. You should use a narrower belt because a wide belt would only shorten your torso.

Wear a Denim Skirt

Pairing a short cardigan with a denim skirt is the quickest and most straightforward method to make it look good.

It could be a white or blue denim skirt.

Because cardigans tend to make us look older, you should wear a skirt that is on the shorter side if you want to appear even younger. Totally offsetting the aging look of the cardigan are skirts made of denim.

You can pick your preferred pair of shoes. Whether you choose heels or flats, none of them will let you down. White sneakers look really clean, minimalist, and informal, therefore I like to wear the denim skirt with them.

You won’t appear to be trying too hard with this look.

Wear With Dress Boots

Wearing a cardigan with dress boots, especially tall ones like knee-high or over-the-knee boots, will elevate your ensemble.

But dress boots make it more effective. Considering that dress boots can instantly transform any plain outfit.

My cardigan sweater blazer has a loose shape and is thigh-length. It is not a very fitting cardigan.

Due to the length and the fit, it is really challenging to make this length look attractive.

It instantly changes your appearance when I pair it with my tall knee-high boots. This outfit seems much more trendy because I’m also wearing it with a shorter skirt.

Get a Duster Cardigan

I used to avoid wearing cardigans this length because I believed that since I am petite, I should probably opt for something shorter.

However, having a cardigan that is duster length actually opens the number of ways you may style it.

The changing weather is my favorite time to wear this. When the weather fluctuates and you’re wearing a skirt outfit, add a duster cardigan to top the look. It is quite practical and enhances your fashionable appearance.

From the fall through the winter and into the spring, I can wear this. You can get a lot of use out of a duster cardigan.

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Give this look a shot if you haven’t previously; you could be pleasantly surprised.

Try Animal Print

Try an animal print if you don’t want your cardigan to look plain or uninteresting.

Compared to the simple neutral hue, black or beige cardigans, this is so much easier to look chic.

With a pair of your favorite jeans and this style of cardigan, you won’t look boring.

Pair With Faux Leather

Try matching your cardigan outfit with faux leather to look it more chic. Or you could pair it with a pair of coated jeans.

My coated jeans have a faux leather look, but they are made of breathable denim instead.

Faux leather or coated jeans will provide you a very great fabric contrast with your cardigan, which will make you look more chic. That makes your outfit much more intriguing.

Wearing a cardigan while also wearing faux leather or coated jeans is a stylish combination that will not make you look dated. Even if your cardigan is quite basic.

This has a totally different look and you look much more fashionable when you pair it with faux leather.

Belt Your Jeans

Another fantastic approach to improve your look when wearing a relaxed-fit cardigan with jeans is to add a skinny belt.

The thin belt has two uses.

One is that it defines your waist. You have a very small waist if you happen to be an hourglass or pear shape. You want that to be the highlight of your outfit.

That thin belt will accomplish that role when you wear it.

Second, adding a belt also alters your proportion. By adding a belt, you can create the illusion that your waist is higher, which will make your legs appear longer.

Your waist appears to be higher than it actually is as a result. One of the best methods for making your legs appear longer is to do this.

Cardigan With Details

Purchase a cardigan with some details.

It might be metallic or pearlescent buttons. This sort of thing will make your cardigan look adorable.

Because they are so plain, classic cardigans make us look much older than we actually are.

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Your outfit will look much more stylish if you choose a solid cardigan with small details that make it quite intriguing.

It looks effortless. You don’t look to be trying too hard, but your outfit looks instantly better.

Crop Length Cardigan

If I had to choose just one cardigan, it would be a cropped length cardigan.

They make my life so much easier. When your cardigan is cropped, there are countless more styling possibilities.

All of a sudden, you can pair a cropped length cardigan with anything in your closet, including jeans, pants, skirts, short skirts, and long skirts.

You may also use it as a layer or as a top worn on its own.

It is much easier for the traditional style cardigan to make us look to be older than we actually are.

I am aware that many women claim they are unable to wear clothing that is cropped in length because doing so tends to expose your midsection and accentuates the appearance of your thighs and hips.

Choosing an a-line-shaped skirt is a good solution if you are self-conscious about your hips or midsection. That won’t stick to your thighs, hips, or midsection, and no one will pay attention to your problem area.

Alternately, you can choose any shade of black for your bottom. Moreover, it will conceal any sections you don’t want people to see.

But if you are petite, choose the cropped length cardigan. Your proportion will immediately look considerably better as a result of this.

High-waisted jeans are my go-to bottom to pair with a cardigan that is cropped in length. They are quite flattering, especially on shorter legs.

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