How to Make Fragrance Last Longer (6 Tips)

How to Make Fragrance Last Longer

The one thing you want to know is that a quality bottle of fragrance will last if you’re going to spend the money on it.

While some fragrances do last longer than others, there are several easy things you can take to help you get the most out of each and every bottle.

I’m going to provide you 6 tips in this article to make your fragrance stay longer.

When Should You Apply Fragrance?

A good place to start is by talking about when you should apply cologne.

You could imagine that you’d want to wait until the very last second to spray it on before leaving the house. Less time for it to vanish before meeting the people you’re going to meet, which is completely rational but also completely false.

After taking a shower is the ideal time to apply your cologne. Since your pores are open, a little of the fragrance will sink in and give you a more enduring perfume.

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That will undoubtedly work, and it will work much better if you do this one easy thing—moisturize—that you should already be doing to take care of your skin.

Consider it in this way.

If you’ve ever had a house plant that you failed to water, the water just sort of seeps right through when you go to water it.

A same thing occurs if your skin is that dry.

The cologne won’t absorb as well and will evaporate off of you more quickly.

However, if your skin is adequately hydrated, it will help to seal in that fragrance and lengthen its duration.

Pulse Points

The next thing I’m going to advise you to do is the exact reverse of everything you’ve ever been told about how to apply cologne.

If you do a search on this subject, you’ll find that the same advice keeps coming up: rub cologne on your wrist, behind your ear, bottom of your neck, and inside of your elbow.

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The fragrance can develop and project more strongly in these locations since they are warmer than the rest of your body.

That is true, but the heat can also make it wear off more quickly.

Apply it to a pulse point, but then spray it on a hot, dry area of your body like the back of your neck, your forearm, or your shoulder.


You may be familiar with my next tip for extending the life of your fragrance.

However, we’re going to discuss it in a somewhat different bit.

I’m talking about layering your fragrances.

Typically, that entails layering two or three separate fragrances, but in this case, layering just refers to applying one fragrance on top of another, similar to how you would do it with clothing.

After making a shower, start by moisturizing your skin with your normal spray.

Then, as you put on your clothes, you might mist your undershirt and possibly the inside of your jacket.

Your fragrance will last longer if you use this type of application in several locations.

A few sprays can be applied to the sweater, shirt, or jacket.

However, here’s a tip: don’t spray too closely. You shouldn’t be between 1 and 2 inches. Because there is a small bit of oil dissolved in the alcohol and you don’t want to obtain any stains on your clothes, you should leave about 6 inches between you and the spray nozzle and your clothing.


In addition to using that layering strategy, you can spray your cologne on your comb instead of your body to make it linger longer.

In other words, after your shower, after you moisturize, after you spray on that pulse spot, before you comb your hair, small mist on the comb, not a close spray, comb your hair, and there you have that little extra kick.

Use Travel Atomizer

Here’s an easy tip if you want to smell nicer in the afternoon.

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Get one of those travel atomizers. These are things I adore.

These are available for $5 or $10. Being able to carry your favorite fragrance with you is wonderful and incredibly easy.

Why Doesn’t Fragrance Last On Me?

What possible factor could account for the fragrance’s short duration?


You should be aware that noseblindness is a possibility. This indicates that you get used to the aroma.

After a few minutes of wearing it, you cease noticing it because your body essentially drowns it out.

This is something that we naturally do, and it does it because it wants to be able to pick up other things.

We become accustomed to the scent.

Ask those around you if they can smell the fragrance you’re wearing before applying any more, is my suggestion.

You might be shocked to learn that no one has a problem smelling you. In truth, you’re choking out a few people, but since you’re used to it, you just can’t smell it.

Authenticity of Your Fragrance Should Be Verified

It’s possible that the fragrances you own are counterfeits.

False fragrances are exactly what their name implies—they are not real. They’re imitations.

There are fragrances available that go for hundreds of dollars.

There’s profit to be made by creating something that looks like the real stuff and putting something in there that’s not real, but smells somewhat pleasant.

Many people are unaware of the distinction. Unbelievable as it may seem, some of these imitation fragrances make up in stores.

To determine what is real, you can check the batch codes on the bottom of various fragrances, as well as conduct a lot of online research.

I like to purchase goods from reputable retailers that I think are doing a good job of keeping counterfeits out of the market.

Your Perfume Was Exposed to Heat

It can be an outdated product. It can have been exposed to the sun, and the sun will deteriorate your fragrance.

In addition to heating the liquid as it passes through, it also heats a few of the molecules there, causing a few little reactions. In essence, it decomposes and can make the fragrance to spoil.

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It’s possible that anything you had was simply left out, causing the fragrance to deteriorate over time and lose a lot of its power.


What distinguishes some scents as being more potent and enduring than others?

One thing is the concentration. In general, eau de toilette and eau de parfum come in two distinct concentrations. Since eau de parfum is significantly more concentrated, its effects typically last much longer.

But many of the most well-known, recognizable, and lot-honored men’s fragrances are available only in eau de toilette concentration. Therefore, a higher concentration doesn’t necessarily imply a greater fragrance.

For instance, Dior Sauvage EDT will be one of the less potent variants of the scent.

We have the EDP directly above the EDT. About twice as much of the perfume’s essence will be present in this. Therefore, it will have a higher concentration.

Although it doesn’t always hold true, this ought to be more robust and ought to endure longer.

And if you want something that is particularly potent, you should choose the parfum. The parfum is going to be almost double the other ones.

Your Body Chemistry

You can now assert that you have a genuine copy of the product. It is neither outdated nor damaged. What else may be going?

It can be the chemistry in your body.

It is true that some people experience this.

Simply put, a fragrance does not linger on them once they apply it. It can be something about your body and the oils on it that just doesn’t function.

I am aware that some people with really oily skin find that most fragrances do not linger as long on them. So, it might apply to you.


Let’s examine your environment.

It will typically evaporate more quickly if you’re near water, in a hot climate, or if you reside in a region that is relatively moist.

That might be significantly affecting how long your fragrance lasts.

why doesn't fragrance last on me?

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