How to Choose a Fragrance For a Man

How to Choose a Fragrance For a Man

I’ll list five things to think about while buying your next fragrance in this article and explain how to do it.

I do these things because I find them to be beneficial. Do I always act like this? Although it’s not always the case, I frequently purchase more than I really want.

However, these are the five queries or considerations that I would seriously take into account before I would buy a fragrance.

Develop Your Own Opinions

Trying to develop your own opinions without outside influence is the crux of our first piece of advice. Sample the fragrance after that. They both fit together.

In some cases, you can choose blind buys, but doing so may be costly in the long run and prevent you from getting precise information.

Going and making a blind buy is not, in my opinion, the best course of action. Try a sample.

Wear the thing, get one with an actual atomizer on it, is something else I would advise. There are many samples, some of which won’t have the atomizer spray on the top. You should always choose one with an atomizer.

Spend a little additional money to receive a 3–5 ml sample.

To truly understand how this will behave on the skin, try it out or sample it.

Don’t initially seek the opinion of anyone else. Before you start to hear other people’s opinions on it, really focus on your own experience with that fragrance and see what you think.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire a completely objective opinion on your strategy. Due to the fact that you were able to sample it, you will already have some knowledge about its fragrance.

But make a concerted effort to enter this state of seclusion where only your thoughts about it are allowed to take center stage.

Where Does It Fit?

Think about where this fragrance fits in with what you already own and how this upcoming purchase will enhance those things. This brings us to point number two.

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I view everything I choose to own, including my collection of fragrances, as a sort of compilation of data points. You need specifics on what you like and dislike.

Things for fragrances include notes. What notes and accords, as well as fragrance genres, do you enjoy? Do you enjoy florals, some amber fragrances, or fougeres?

To support your next purchase, try to identify the motifs that you find appealing.

I also constantly examine whether there is any overlap.

I want to know whether there is actually a chance that there will be an overlap in this situation, just as I wouldn’t buy the same garment repeatedly if it were identical, maybe in a different color at least. Will I have the chance to wear it, or does anything else in my fragrance collection already fit that kind of box?

Because some fragrances aren’t really expensive. You don’t mind having something in your closet if you can wear it just once a year. But there comes a point when owning something doesn’t serve any point if you’re not wearing it.

Part of the idea of genuinely owning something is wearing and appreciating it. If you’re not getting that value from it, you have to question if it was ever worthwhile to purchase in the first place.

One other element under the where does it fit category is just look introspectively, look at what you want to project out from an adjective perspective and feel. Does that scent go well with the image you wish to present of yourself?

So make sure that there’s a fit there with the fragrance and how it matches who you are.

What’s Your Lifestyle?

We have your lifestyle and where you spend the most of your time for point number three.

You may have a personality that fits this fragrance, but if you find yourself in situations where you won’t be able to use it enough, you should consider whether or not it will be a wise investment for you.

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You shouldn’t choose an excessive number of fragrances in the Tobacco & Amber style if you’re a workaholic and constantly in the office with other employees. That will just exhaust everyone.

If so, avoid going with a scent with an intimate citrus top note that will rapidly evaporate if you want to actively party.

Tobacco Vanille was for me an illustration of this. I find a more party-style setting, perhaps a black tie event, is where this fragrance would work best. Additionally, it exuded such a strong sense of confidence that I didn’t find myself wearing it as much as I would have liked to for a $300 fragrance.

Therefore, you must be capable of making those choices on your own. Consider the fragrance for what it is, decide if you enjoy it, and consider whether you can wear it given your lifestyle.

What’s Your Climate?

The answer to point number four is if the fragrance you want to buy next can thrive in your climate.

If you spend eight months out of the year or more in a colder climate, where the average high temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, choose fragrances with tobacco vanilla, possibly some fougeres, or boozy notes.

The things that will provide you the most flexibility throughout those colder months.

You generally don’t want the vanilla scent or the alcoholic or amber scents to be emanating from your skin if you’re in a tropical area, such as humid Florida, since they would simply vanish.

The same may be true for chilly weather and citrus-focused scents. These things won’t perform as well or last as long as those things.

Smelling Unique vs Mass Appeal

How much do you appreciate having a unique scent is our final question point. Do you care more about getting a fragrance that will appeal to a larger audience or do you value smelling unique?

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You need to consider the ratio between uniqueness and general appeal.

Many people who work in the fragrance industry or who simply enjoy fragrances will have a particular perspective on niche independent perfumery, going more on its unique composition.

However, the difficulty is that individuals who are close to you and who you interact with on a daily basis are unlikely to have the same level of understanding of what goes into a good fragrance.

They’ll likely prefer something that is more universally appealing and unoffensive.

Many of these more unusual niche scents will entirely contradict that, be more difficult to consume, and just be more unique.

When you factor in all those other examples, you have to make a decision for yourself. Be honest about if you care about what other people think. If you do to some extent, it’s acceptable.

Many people choose to wear fragrances because they don’t necessarily want to stand out. With something as intimate as your perfume, you can convey a message or create an atmosphere about who you are and what you want to project outward.

Ask yourself honestly where this next fragrance fits into the ratio for mass appeal.

Don’t place too much idea on compliments. Wear Dior Sauvage because that’s likely to draw the most compliments if you want to get them or if you want people to notice your fragrance.

Make sure your next purchase is in line with your ultimate goals by determining where you sit on the unique to mass appeal continuum.

These are the five questions and considerations I would think about before buying a new fragrance.

These are some really important things to take into consideration if you want to make a truly solid decision regarding your next fragrance purchase.

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