How to Properly Wear Cologne

How to Properly Wear Cologne

How to wear cologne the right way. I’m going to teach you how to apply and store cologne the properly. When and where to apply fragrance?

Pay Attention to The Situation

The first mistake is a serious one, and I frequently witness men making it. They neglect to consider the circumstances, their surroundings, and where they are wearing fragrance to.

They don’t consider this carefully.

Will you be wearing it to the office? You might have a hot date. Maybe you merely want to wear something around the house. You might have a job interview.

Take the last one, please. You have a job interview.

You wear a fragrance that you love, but it has a lot of strength. You are nose blind when you walk into this cramped room. She can smell the fragrance even when you can’t. And it makes her think of a hated ex-boyfriend. It simply won’t leave her head. Guess what? You are not hired for the job.

You must pay close attention to this.

Fragrances may cause problems. If you use them properly, they may oftentimes be great. However, if you’re not paying attention, you might not be aware that you’ll be on an airplane, in close proximity to many other people, and you don’t want to choke them out. As opposed to if you’re just lounging around the house and want to smell fresh.

The situation must be considered before selecting the right fragrance.

Know What You Wear

Next, understand what you’re wearing. It’s ideal if you’ve worn your perfume before and are confident that it won’t annoy people. It is a crowd-pleaser and has a light aquatic fragrance as opposed to one that is a little heavier. something that might be too strong. Something that some people won’t enjoy.

Know The Potency

The potency of the clothing you are wearing is the next thing you should understand.

Even while two bottles may appear identical, their contents may differ. With the top, we’re going to see perfumes. These will have the most essential oil, making the fragrant smell a 30 percent concentration, give or take a few percentage points, at that level.

As we descend, we first notice the EDT (5–15 percent concentration), followed by EDC and sprays. In some circumstances, they will just be 2 percent.

There is no exact science in this. You might discover that one company’s toiletry smells significantly stronger than another company’s perfume.

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Again, keep in mind that this is not the finest signal, but it is something you should understand while you are out shopping for fragrance.

If there is a specific line, the perfume should be stronger than the eau de toilette.

Know The Projection

Next, let’s talk sillage, which is also referred to as projection. This is how the fragrance responds to its surroundings.

Can other people smell the fragrance on you when you’re wearing it?

You can find several well-known brands and apply five sprays on your body without most people smelling it. When you want something that you’re wearing for yourself, it sits close to the body, which is great.

On other occasions, when you’re going out to a club, you want to announce yourself as soon as you walk the room. When you want to overpower other people and be noticed, you should wear a scent that has a lot of projection or sillage.


The next mistake I frequently notice is when people walk a store, grab a fragrance, spray it on a card, and then use that time to make a judgment.

That is not how you judge a fragrance. It’s a really superficial approach.

You aren’t genuinely testing how it responds to your body’s particular chemistry. You’re a unique human being. Additionally, the way the fragrance responds to your body will change slightly.

It can make a significant impact in how it smells to some people. There are many fragrance notes as well. There, you are only smelling the top note. There are base notes and heart notes.

The middle note will usually be present and won’t be noticed for a few minutes. It can take a few hours before that base note appears.

You might find that the top note wasn’t all that motivating, and you didn’t instantly fall in love with it. But you see a lot of the same top notes again and again, but it starts to change up in that middle.

There might be something there that you genuinely like. When you get to the base note, you find that stuff is incredible. Or y ou might not like it, too.

But the point is, you must try the fragrance.

Returning to chemistry, let’s discuss what transpires when you become hot and begin to perspire. Some scents may suddenly become much stronger and begin to smell very differently.

To determine whether or not these scents are genuinely suited for you, you must first experience wearing them.

When to Apply a Fragrance?

Let’s talk about when to apply a fragrance. I value consistency. I apply my fragrance right away after drying off in the morning after the shower.

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Almost every time I take a shower. I’ll reapply perfume at the same time if I take another shower in the afternoon following my workout.

What if you want to apply fragrance later on in the day? You skipped the shower. You just simply can’t smell your own fragrance any longer. That’s totally fine, but the thing here is make sure you didn’t go nose blind.

For some of those stronger fragrances, we can get used to them and stop smelling them, but other people can still smell them.

A lot of fragrances have a lifecycle, so keep that in mind. You might possibly be at the fragrance’s base. You got those undertones going. If you apply it and it has the same fragrance, it will oftentimes be effective.

But don’t assume you can wear a different fragrance because you can’t smell anything. You might receive a response that is unexpected. It might not be exactly what you’re searching for when two fragrances combine that weren’t intended to go together.

Where to Apply?

How many sprays of fragrance and where on the body should you apply it?

The amount of sprays actually depends on how much you want to project and how strong the fragrance is.

Some fragrances aren’t going to project much, even when you spray them 5-7 times. Other ones are so potent that you only need to spray once before people on the opposite side of the room can smell them.

However, I prefer to spray on the body’s hot places in general.

Let’s start with the chest. The most straightforward option is this. If you’ve just gotten out of the shower, you can give it a quick spray. Right on the chest is a great location to start, about 3 to 6 inches (depending on the sprayer, how it projects, and how it shoots) away.

You can then advance to the neck after that. You can go on each of the arms. Find hotspots is what you’re after. Areas where the temperature would naturally rise and the smell will spread. I also frequently find it on the forearms. Potentially on the back of the neck.

That covers a lot of ground. I’m not going to insist that you strike each one. It depends on how many sprays you want to use.

I am aware of people who enjoy using eight sprays. Some guys will really spray it on their clothing.

For your outerwear, I don’t recommend doing that. Why? Because it takes a lot of time, particularly if the fragrance is strong. It might remain there for weeks. It is something that has a long projection range.

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Additionally, it doesn’t smell the same as when it’s on your body. Your physical body emits a slightly different fragrance.

Another thing to be aware of is that it can change the color and stain clothing, especially really expensive light colored clothing.

An undershirt is the only piece of clothing that works well for spraying, so I advise guys to wear them. Why? Try spraying it on your undershirt instead of your skin if you find that it doesn’t project much when it’s on your skin. You might find that the fragrance projects much more effectively when it’s simply on the undershirt.

Rubbing The Fragrance?

Some people will tell you that you shouldn’t ever spray your fragrance on your body and then rub it in. They advise against it and advise that you merely dab.

The reasoning behind this is because rubbing generates heat and friction, which will cause the molecules’ connections to be broken.

However, it requires a lot of heat and friction. Before you could actually break some of these molecular bonds, you would probably rip your skin to pieces.


Many guys don’t consider the following two mistakes, but they can harm your fragrance. And that is storing it out in the open. It is in contact with light, particularly sunlight.

This causes the light to pass through and react with the molecules. The fragrance may eventually become harmed by the sunlight.

Exposing it to extremes of cold and heat is another mistake. Your fragrance will vanish as a result.

I advise keeping the packaging that these arrive in and simply storing them inside the packaging. Keep them out of the bathroom. Keep it in your room. Maintain a fairly constant temperature and keep it away from light.


I love fragrances. This is a great method to stand out from the crowd once you find your trademark scent.

My general view on fragrances is that they should aid in your discovery. When you walk a room, they shouldn’t announce you.

Less is more, and you should wear these scents frequently to get a feel for how they behave.

how to wear cologne the right way


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