Fall 2023 Denim Trends


This video discusses both best and worst denim trends for fall 2023.

The author, Jamie, covers both the “best” and “worst” denim trends. She acknowledges that while she might consider some trends as “worst,” others might still like them.

Shoes and Handbags

denim shoes

Jamie highlights a new trend of incorporating denim into shoes and handbags. She sees this as a creative way to include denim in outfits, especially for those who aren’t keen on wearing jeans. She suggests that denim shoes could pair well with trousers, dresses, or similar items, and she notes that ankle boots and various shoe styles are showcasing this denim feature.

Midi and Maxi Skirts


She discusses the shift from denim mini skirts to midi and maxi lengths. Jamie considers this trend more wearable and versatile for a broader audience. She believes it’s gaining popularity rapidly and suggests that it’s a versatile staple piece that can cater to various casual styles.

Baggy Jeans


While she acknowledges the popularity of baggy jeans, she personally sees them as impractical for many people. She describes the look as suitable for younger individuals who can effortlessly style them with crop tops and sneakers. She anticipates this trend might not be suitable for all demographics.

Cargo Jeans


The author highlights cargo jeans as a growing trend with various options available. She differentiates between “best” and “worst” looks within this trend. She prefers cargo jeans with minimal and flat pockets for a stylish utility appearance, as opposed to the ones with puffy and protruding pockets.

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Barrel Jeans


Jamie revisits the concept of barrel jeans, mentioning that she initially classified them as not recommended but now sees them as a viable option for certain body shapes. She relates them to “mom jeans,” which provide more room in the thighs and taper down. She emphasizes that the appeal of barrel jeans depends on the manufacturer and the individual’s preference.

Glitzy Denim


She briefly touches on the glitzy denim trend, which involves adding rhinestones, fringes, pearls, or other decorative elements to denim clothing. She acknowledges the existence of glitzy denim jackets, two-piece sets, and jeans with embellished pockets. However, she expresses reservations about the dated look of certain styles.

Two-Piece Sets


Jamie expresses excitement for denim two-piece sets, where both the top and bottom are designed to match. She differentiates this trend from the “Canadian tuxedo” style and highlights the runway influence of this trend. She believes it offers versatile options for both suits and mix-and-match outfits.

Dark Denim


She discusses the popularity of dark denim, particularly emphasizing its deep blue shade without fading or whiskering. Jamie notes the availability of different styles within this trend, such as straight leg and slim straight jeans. She suggests pairing dark denim with various neutral tones for a cohesive look.

Split Hem Jeans


The author introduces split hem jeans as a continuing trend that can elongate the body. She notes that this style is more common in pants than jeans and recommends finding a well-fitting pair since alterations might affect the distinctive split hem design.


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