Double Waistband Pants Outfits

Double Pants Jeans

The high-waisted look is not going away. Designers have gone one step further, inventing a new option that brings together the best of both worlds: double-waisted pants.

Can’t quite envision it? Let us break it down.

The double-waisted pant features a second waistband that sits higher than the outside fabric, giving the impression that a person is wearing two pairs of pants.

So far, companies such as Tibi, Monse, Sandro, and River Island have responded to the trend, each with their own version.

Double Pants Outfit


Double Jeans Outfit


Double Pants Look


Double Waistband Pants Outfit


Designers recommend pairing the style with an untucked sweater, which creates the illusion of wearing low-slung pants that miraculously stay up.

They also suggest pairing double-waisted jeans with a fitted top for a sleek appearance that adds visual mystery.

If you want to try this look for yourself, here are some styling guidelines to keep in mind. First and foremost, these pants make a dramatic statement, therefore select other pieces that will let them to shine as the focal point of your outfit.

Stick to uncomplicated styles—a plain T-shirt, traditional sneakers, a button-up blouse—and add a modest pop with a vividly colored handbag or eccentric earrings.

Given that your waistband is the center piece of your outfit, tuck in your top or choose a cropped shirt or sweater.

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