9 Basic Fashion Rules to Follow and Never Break!

Fashion Rules to Follow

I’m going to discuss 9 basic fashion rules to follow and never break.

Certain aspects or principles, in my opinion, can assist elevate an outfit, make us look more put together on a daily basis, and make our style look more complete throughout the day.

So let’s get started.

The Right Fit

The basic rule of fashion is that everything should fit perfectly.

This is a major one, and it’s probably something that all of us, including me, have struggled with or stumbled on at some point.

You want to make sure that the fit of your clothes is always lovely on your body since it lifts your image to a new level when things fit you properly. It makes you look extremely well-dressed, and everything enhances the beauty of your body.

When trying on a shirt, make sure it sits flat against your body and doesn’t tug in any areas. Alternatively, if you’re wearing a dress pant, make sure it follows your legs like a gorgeous column and doesn’t bunch up over the shoe. Alternatively, you could be wearing clothing that is overly tight and digging into certain parts of your body.

When you make those small changes to your style, it instantly elevates your appearance and makes you appear more put-together and sophisticated. They spruce up your style only a smidgeon.


Proportions are the next fashion rule to follow.

You want to make sure that your outfit has balance when you’re getting dressed. If you’re wearing something billowy, flowy, and loose up top, you’ll want the lower part to be a little more fitting so you don’t get lost in all of the crazy fabric.

There are undoubtedly exceptions to this rule, and it all depends on the attitude you want to convey with your clothing. However, in order to achieve the maximum harmony in an ensemble, it’s important to keep track of your proportions to ensure that you’re not swallowed by fabric and that the outfit you’ve put together is balanced.


The next fashion rule to never break is color.

This isn’t the case with neutral dressing. However, if you’re wearing a vibrant color like red and you’re really feeling it, my guideline is that you should only repeat color three times in an ensemble.

The reason behind this is that while wearing a red shirt and red pants with a matching red jacket or blazer looks great, adding red shoes, red bags, and other red accessories is just too much. You begin to resemble a berry rather than yourself.

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You want to make sure the outfit is well-balanced. If you truly want to wear a color from head to toe, then give yourself permission to feel into what looks well on you in terms of style.

However, I feel that in order to achieve the maximum harmony in a look and to make it look highly sophisticated, you should only repeat color in an outfit up to three times. It’s the point at which you start to go a little too far.


One more fashion rule to live by is to add accessories.

This will be determined by your position in the accessory hierarchy. Some of us, like me, prefer our accessories to be large and bold, and we like to wear a lot of them. It all depends on how we feel. Others, on the other hand, are more classic in their tastes and like simple pieces. That’s perfectly OK as well.

Adding an item, regardless of where you fit in that spectrum, is the finishing touch to an ensemble in my opinion. It s’s just something that makes it look a little more professional, as if your outfit has been properly finished off.

The icing on the cake is accessories. It’s the finishing touches that bring an outfit together or make it come to life.

It doesn’t matter if you want to cap off an outfit with some small jewelry or if you have jewelry that you wear on a regular basis. If you prefer to experiment with jewelry, go ahead and do so, but be sure to incorporate something into your ensemble to give it a polished look.

Space Out Accessories

On the subject of accessories, another fashion tip to follow is to space them out.

If you’re wearing statement earrings, be sure you’re not also wearing a necklace.

That’s what I’m referring to when I say “spacing it out.” If I wear a necklace with large earrings, it will be too much, and it will appear as if my face has been swallowed by my accessories. When you don’t space accessories out, everything just seems a little cluttered.

Wear as many statement pieces as you wish, but concentrate on one body part at a time. I’m wearing earrings around my head and neck. I could wear statement bangles if I wanted to, but if I’m going to wear bangles, I’m not going to wear rings.

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When putting an ensemble together, be cautious of where you place your accessories on your body so it doesn’t appear cluttered, unless that’s your vibe, in which case you can do anything you want. However, this is merely a fashion rule that I never break from. Personally, I believe it gives the impression of being more modern.


The next fashion rule to live by is hair.

Hair accessories, for example, can add the finishing touch to an outfit. Don’t neglect your hair if you’ve taken the time to put together a fantastic clothing that makes you feel amazing.

Since I’m a bit of a hair knob myself, I say this a little loosely. Because I don’t know what to do with my hair, I don’t style it very often.

You want to make certain that you use it in some way. Do something with it: flatiron it, blow dry it, put it back in a sleek ponytail, make it look like you’ve done something deliberate with your hair that day.

Alternatively, make sure you’re coloring it in. If you color your hair on a regular basis, keep it that way and get frequent cuts so that it looks modern, put-together, and healthy, just like the rest of your outfit.

Dress Appropriately

The next fashion rule to remember is to dress correctly for the occasion.

You want to show respect for the occasion you’re about to enter or the one you’re currently a part of.

If you’re going on a job interview, make sure you’re dressed adequately. Sundresses, jeans, and other similar attire are not appropriate. It’s not appropriate for work, regardless of what others say.

Or don’t wear sweatpants if you’re going to a good restaurant. Respect the occasion, not only for yourself to exhibit self-respect, but also for the moment you’re in.

When you get dressed for an occasion, it always says something about you. When you’re going somewhere, you want to make sure you’re communicating and sending the correct message about yourself.

No one will ever make fun of you for being a little too overdressed up. So don’t be concerned if you think you’re overdressed for the occasion. Being overdressed is always preferable to being underdressed.

The Appropriate Undergarments

The next fashion rule to follow is to invest in the proper underwear.

You simply want to make sure that not only do you have the correct bra size, but also that the rest of your attire fits properly.

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If you’re wearing a spaghetti strap shirt, make sure you complement it with a strapless bra. Alternatively, if you’re wearing a thin fabric for trousers or skirts, make sure you’re wearing seamless underwear so your underwear lines don’t show through.

These are small details that make a big difference in making your outfit look polished and put-together, so you can go about your day feeling confident and beautiful.


Keep your shoes in check as the final fashion rule to follow.

Shoes, like hair and accessories, are the finishing touches to an ensemble. If you want to be more specific, they may almost be classified as accessories.

If you have a favorite pair of shoes that you wear every day or any of your other shoes in your wardrobe, take a look at them every now and again. Are they scuffed to death, do they need to be replaced, are the souls crumbling, do they appear to have had a lot of love?

Make sure you keep an eye on it and replace or take those items to a cobbler if they need some TLC.

Make sure everything is in order, that everything appears well-kept, and that it isn’t going to detract from or destroy the outfit you’ve put together for yourself.

On the other hand, be certain that your shoes are up to date. If they’re starting to appear a little worn out, you might want to add that to your buying list to keep yourself up to date.

You want your image to be current with the times, and you want to make sure that when you put so much work into how you look during the day, something as basic as a pair of shoes doesn’t detract from that.

Basic Fashion Rules


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  1. These are the rules that I grew up on and I can’t thank you enough for the reminder! I had 6 sisters and my mother taught us that what’s under your clothes makes your clothes look better. Meaning the proper undergarments or support! I know that today wearing a slip is passé, but I find that it makes my dresses and skirts lay smoothly and not dip in the front when you have on tights!

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