4 Women’s Battery Heated Winter Jackets

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Get ready to experience the excitement of winter like you never have before with these heated jackets that are made to be your constant companion on any and all adventures in the great outdoors.

Discover the transformational impact of heated clothing for women, whether you’re interested in scaling snow-covered mountains or simply taking in the majesty of a beautiful walk.

No matter what the temperature is outside, the intelligent heating technology will keep you warm and comfortable. It’s time to bid farewell to cumbersome clothes and make way for an exciting new age of winter activities.

Aheata 7V Women’s Battery Heated Jacket


Constructed out of a comfortable softshell material that is flexible yet substantial, this jacket comes with a powerful power bank for hours of enjoyable warmth. Heating panels on the chest and back keep your core temperature warm, so you feel warmer overall.

Flexwarm 5V Women’s Heated Jacket with Removable Hood

8k-flexwarm-5v-women-heated-jacket-with-removable-hood 8k-flexwarm-5v-womens-heated-jacket-with-removable-hood

This jacket combines contemporary design, unrivaled quality and revolutionary heating technology to create a lightweight, stylish jacket that perfectly fits the contours of the body to deliver essential warmth on any outdoor adventure. This jacket can reach temperatures of up to 50°c (122°f) in just 360 seconds, keeping you snug, warm and comfortable.

Weston Store Women’s Heated Fleece Jacket

weston-store-women-heated-fleece-jacket weston-store-womens-heated-fleece-jacket

From alpine mountains to the concrete jungle, use it as a mid-layer on chilly days or a stand-alone jacket in mild weather. Stay warm and look good doing it! Made to withstand brutal, freezing winters

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FNDN Women’s Heated Parka with Built-in Heated Gloves


The all-new women’s heated parka coat is so amazing it needs to be seen to be believed. Combining a next-gen DWR water-resistant and windproof shell fabric and carbon fiber heating elements to generate and trap heat across core body areas creates truly one of the most technically advanced coats available.


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