Heated Jackets For Women – NexGen

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Heated Jackets For Women - NexGen

As the frost of winter sets in, fashionable women no longer have to choose between style and warmth.

This heated outerwear combines modern designs with cutting-edge heating technology.

Whether you’re navigating snowy city streets or enjoying the great outdoors, these heated jackets are reinventing winter fashion by keeping you warm without sacrificing your individual style.

NexGen Heat Women’s ‘Storm’ Soft-Shell Heated Jacket

nexgen-heat-womens-storm-soft-shell-heated-jacket nexgen-heat-women-storm-soft-shell-heated-jacket

Made of durable soft-shell poly material – interior satin lining, combined with heating panels intricately placed to deliver plenty of heat where you need it. It uses advanced high efficiency long life batteries with up to 7 hours of heating.

NexGen Heat Women’s ‘Igniter’ and ‘Ruffled’ Soft-Shell Heated Hooded Jacket

nexgen-heat-women-ruffled-soft-shell-heated-hooded-jacket nexgen-heat-womens-igniter-soft-shell-heated-hooded-jacket


Made of lightweight durable outer soft-shell material. Reflective piping on front and back for night visibility. Detachable hood with draw strings. Power-on button on chest. Front and back heated panels. 3 heat settings: low-95f, medium-105f, high-120f.


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