Wedding Dress Code Guide

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Wedding Dress Code Guide

This video is a tutorial on different types of wedding dress codes.

The presenter explains the importance of setting a dress code for a wedding and suggests that it should be included in the invitation or wedding website to avoid guests having anxiety or asking the bride and groom about what to wear.

She also provides some tips on how to choose the appropriate dress code, such as considering the desired look of the guests in wedding photos and matching the vibe of the venue. She then goes on to explain different types of dress codes, from the most formal (white tie) to the least formal (casual).

For each dress code, Kevin provides detailed descriptions of what guests should wear for men and women. She includes examples and visuals to give viewers a better idea of what to expect. She also offers her personal experience with her own wedding dress code and the reasoning behind her decision.

Overall, this guide is informative and useful for anyone who is planning a wedding and wants to set a dress code that is both appropriate and helpful for guests.

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