Zippered Blazer Dress – Black, White & Natural

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Zippered Blazer Dress

The beautiful blazer dress that comes as part of this two-piece set style is an excellent addition to your collection of clothing.

This design comes in a variety of colors and consists of a separate skirt that is merged with a blazer that has a double-breasted appearance and conventional color and sleeves.

This opens up more options for you to consider when putting together an outfit.

Zippered-Blazer-Dress-black. Zippered-Blazer-Dress-natural Zippered-Blazer-Dress-white

You should have little trouble pairing the blazer with the majority of the items in your closet.

The wrap effect results in a hem that is slightly tulip-shaped, and it reveals a shorter skirt that is worn underneath.

This chic garment’s sophisticated style is finished off with gold zippers and buttons for an elegant touch.

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