Is Skin Cycling Routine Good For Your Skin?

Skin Cycling Routine

In this video, the speaker, a board-certified and fellowship-trained cosmetic dermatologist, talks about the skin cycling trend. She emphasizes that skincare trends are not universal and may not work for everyone, as each person’s skin is different and may react differently to various active ingredients or treatments.

The speaker notes that skin cycling may be good for people who are new to skincare or have very sensitive skin, but for others, it may be taking steps backward and causing more harm than good.

She explains that skin cycling involves using an exfoliator on day one, a vitamin A derivative on day two, and hydration and moisturization products on days three and four to minimize inflammation.

The speaker also points out the difference between erythema, which is redness in the skin due to good blood flow, and inflammation, which is dry, peeling, and irritated skin. She stresses that inflammation is not something that people want in their skin.

Overall, the speaker encourages people to listen to their skin and not to fall for skincare trends that may not be suitable for their unique skin type and needs.

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