Shoe Trends Summer 2023

Shoe Trends Summer 2023

This video discusses 10 wearable shoe trends for summer 2023.

The host emphasizes the importance of choosing the right shoes to complete an outfit.

She mentions that she will be focusing on 10 wearable shoe trends for summer 2023 that not only enhance outfits but are also comfortable to wear.

The host excludes loafers from the list, as she personally finds them tricky to wear.

The first trend discussed is designer dupes, with a specific mention of the popular Hermes slide sandal, which has been replicated by many brands. The iconic Chanel two-strap sandal is also highlighted as a widely copied design. Both sandals are described as versatile, comfortable, and suitable for various outfits.

The next trend mentioned is the shift towards more elegant and sophisticated styling, specifically focusing on pointy flats with a small heel. These shoes are recommended for pairing with flowy wide-leg pants to maintain a balanced proportion.

The host further discusses shoe trends, mentioning the incorporation of natural fabrics, such as Raffia and linen, into sandals and espadrilles. Woven details and minimalist monochrome outfits are recommended to complement these shoes.

The video highlights the popularity of platform flip-flops. The host describes them as modern and elevating the traditional beach flip-flop.

Metallic footwear is praised as a versatile option that can complement any outfit, and the host encourages viewers to consider metallic shoes when struggling to find the perfect pair.

Retro-style sneakers are mentioned as a trend for summer, with various brands offering options in this style, including Converse, New Balance, and Nike. The host emphasizes their comfort and recommends them for all-year-round wear.

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Ankle boots are mentioned as a valuable option for summer styling, particularly for pairing with shorts or skirts, although their suitability depends on the climate.

Gladiator-style sandals are discussed as a trending option, with both chunky and sleek versions available. The host suggests that they look great with skirts and wide-leg pants.

Wedge sandals are highlighted as a comfortable and stylish choice, with metallic and unique heel designs being mentioned. The versatility of wedges and their compatibility with different outfits is emphasized.



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