What Shoes to Wear With Flare Jeans?

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What Shoes to Wear With Flare Jeans?

Flare jeans have been making a comeback in recent years, and they can be a great addition to any wardrobe. These jeans have a wider leg opening that flares out from the knee down, creating a flattering and retro-inspired silhouette. However, with such a distinctive shape, it can be a little tricky to know what shoes to wear with flare jeans. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best shoe options for women who want to rock this style.

Platform heels

One of the most popular shoe choices for flare jeans is platform heels. The height and bulk of the platform help to balance out the wide leg opening of the jeans, creating a more proportional look. You can choose between chunky or slim platforms, depending on the look you’re going for. Platform heels also add a touch of retro flair that complements the vintage vibe of flare jeans.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are another great shoe option to pair with flare jeans. These boots can create a sleek and stylish look, especially when paired with a fitted top or jacket. Choose a pair of boots with a heel to add some height and elongate your legs. Alternatively, flat ankle boots can be a more comfortable option for everyday wear.


If you’re looking for a more casual shoe option, sandals can be a great choice. Strappy sandals or gladiator sandals can complement the bohemian feel of flare jeans. Flat sandals are also a good option if you want to keep the look relaxed and comfortable. Just be mindful of the length of your jeans – if they’re too long, they can get caught under your sandals, which can be both uncomfortable and dangerous.

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Flats can be a versatile shoe option for flare jeans. Ballet flats or loafers can create a polished and sophisticated look, especially when paired with a blazer or button-down shirt. If you want to add some height, opt for a pair of platform flats, which offer some lift without the discomfort of heels. Espadrilles are also a fun and summery option that can complement the casual feel of flare jeans.


Sneakers are a great choice if you want to create a more laid-back and casual look. A classic pair of white sneakers can give your flare jeans an effortless and cool vibe. Alternatively, you can choose a pair of bold or colorful sneakers to add some interest to your outfit. Just be mindful of the length of your jeans – if they’re too long, they can bunch up over your sneakers, which can look messy.


Clogs are a trendy and fashion-forward shoe choice that can work well with flare jeans. These shoes have a chunky and distinctive shape that can balance out the wide leg opening of the jeans. Clogs can be a little more challenging to style, so it’s essential to keep the rest of your outfit simple and streamlined. Opt for a fitted top or blouse to create a more balanced look.

When choosing shoes to wear with flare jeans, it’s important to consider the length and fit of your jeans. Flare jeans should sit just above the ground, with the hem grazing the top of your shoes. Avoid wearing shoes that completely cover the hem of your jeans, as this can create an unflattering and messy look. You may also want to consider the occasion when choosing your shoes – heels or dressier shoes can work well for a night out, while flats or sneakers may be more appropriate for daytime or casual wear.

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In conclusion, there are many great shoe options for women who want to wear flare jeans. Whether you opt for platform heels, ankle boots, sandals, flats, sneakers, or clogs, there’s a shoe that can complement this trendy and flattering style.

What Shoes to Wear With Flare Jeans

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