How to Wear Wide Leg Jeans (3 Looks)

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How to Wear Wide Leg Jeans

You’ll find outfit ideas for your wide-leg jeans here.

I’ll show you three different ways to wear your wide-leg or flared jeans.

I know we’ve been on the skinny jean bandwagon for a while, but you can always opt for a wide leg or flared jean. You can also put on a pair of wide-leg pants.

Because there are so many different wide leg trouser options, jeans are becoming increasingly popular. I like skinny jeans, but I understand that they aren’t for everyone. They do have the effect of making a curvaceous woman appear even curvier. The skinny jean will draw attention to your larger hips, buttocks, and thighs.

That’s fine if you want it. If not, a wide leg or flare jean is a great way to even out your hips, buttocks, and thighs.

What’s the best way to wear them?

You may wear them in the same manner you would any other pair of jeans; all you have to do is change your footwear.

Also, a flared or wide leg jean has a different proportionate fit than a skinny jean, because a skinny jean fits almost like a legging. The skinny leg jean fits to the body, whereas the wide leg jean fits and flares.

Because the wide leg or flare jean is rather large, you don’t want to be enormous everywhere, you must be cautious of volume proportion.

But I’ll discuss some ideas to get you started and encouraged.

Always remember that you may recreate these styles using items already in your wardrobe. You don’t need to go out and get anything new.

Table of Contents

Look 1

The first look I’d like to discuss is arguably the most simple and straightforward.

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It’s a pair of 7 For All Mankind Fit & Flare jeans. For wide leg flare jeans, I prefer that brand as well as J Brand. Those are the two brands that I keep buying over and over again.

For a more affordable option, I recommend Madewell, which has wonderful flare jeans. Topshop also has some nice flare jeans.

Then there’s Express, which has terrific flare jeans in short, standard, and tall sizes, which is fantastic.

So, the initial look is basically a pair of wide-leg Fit & Flare jeans. Your shoe is hardly visible. You can wear a pair of black suede booties with a rather high heel.

In terms of length, your flare jeans should be virtually dusting the floor. So it’s about a half-inch to a 3/4-inch off the ground.

If they’re cropped, however, it’s a different narrative and a different aesthetic.

If you want a true super leg-lengthening, tailor the jeans to the shoes you’ll be wearing them the most with, so they’re 1/2 to 3/4 inch off the ground.

You can wear it with a black moto jacket and a black T-shirt.

It’s ultra-simple and ultra-chic. Because the waist can be seen, it’s crucial to emphasize it. Simply grab a black blouse, a black tee, and a stylish moto jacket to complete the look.

Look 2

The next look I’d like to discuss is one that emphasizes the waist a little more.

With these jeans, highlighting the waist creates a wonderful hourglass shape, which is a fantastic style.

You’ve got the tiny waist (or the illusion of a tiny waist in my case), and then the flare jean gives you that hourglass effect.

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Wear a pair of brown boots with the same jeans. The jeans are almost dusting the floor once more. Consider the height of the heel versus the length of the jean while choosing boots and shoes.

It’s preferable to choose a wide leg jean with either an almond or a pointed toe.

You can also use a square toe, but if you want to produce the longest line possible, I recommend using a pointed or almond-shaped toe.

A simple brown belt draws attention to the waist. A white crocheted shirt can be tucked in. You could then add a third layer if you wish because the top is tucked in and you’re wearing a waist belt. You are not obligated to, but you have the option.

It doesn’t appear to be all-over volume because the waist is highlighted. So the goal is to draw attention to your waist so you can wear that third layer and still appear to be in shape. A white cardigan is OK.

Look 3

This one is a bit of a gamble, but I thought I’d include it because I really like the appearance.

It’s the wide leg jean, and the black suede booties with the almond toe are the same ones I wore in the first outfit.

Then I layered a black cashmere pashmina poncho over a T-shirt or any other shirt because the poncho covers everything.

However, if you want to remove the poncho, consider if the shirt below will hold up on its own.

However, you put on your poncho first, followed by a belt bag. So it’s not like we’re all out of volume. The hourglass form is created by the belt bag, which cinches the waist.

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This is also wonderful if you have a little bit of a stomach and want to hide it while still highlighting your waist.

You’ve hidden it, but you’re emphasizing the waist. And you’re warm, comfy, and fashionable.

So, those are the three designs for your flared jeans that I wanted to share with you.

When looking for a flare jean or a wide leg jean, I recommend going for a high rise since the beauty of these jeans is that they provide the illusion of long legs.

A greater rise option will not only suffocate anything happening on here, but it will also give your legs the appearance of being a mile long, and who doesn’t want that.

I’d go for a high rise pair that’s fitted all the way up to the knee and flares from the knee down to the floor.

what to wear with wide leg jeans


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