What Shoes to Wear With Cropped Jeans?

What Shoes to Wear With Cropped Jeans?

How many of you are stumped as to which shoes to wear with your cropped jeans?

I’ll break it down for you here.

I’d want to discuss about cropped jeans and what shoes to wear with them specifically.

I understand that many of you are perplexed by this topic.

I felt it would be helpful to break it down because I’ve discussed ankle boots and skinny jeans, but not cropped jeans and cropped pants.

Cropped jeans come in a variety of styles. The first is the cropped straight jean, which has the leg cut straight down.

Then there’s the cropped flare, which sees the leg flare out slightly.

Depending on the type of cropped jeans you have, the shoes you wear or the way you wear them will differ.

Let’s start with the ankle boot, because I believe it is the most difficult, and it is where many of us have our questions.

So let’s get that out of the way first, and then I’ll go over the many types of shoes you may wear with cropped jeans.

Ankle Boots

The height of your ankle boot will vary based on where your jean falls in relation to the top of your ankle boot and the leg style of your jeans.

Consider a typical ankle boot height. Because the jean is a little longer than the ankle boot itself, this is one of those tough combos.

With this pair of boots, I would either cuff it one cuff so that the cuff is simple and just falls above the top of the ankle boot, or I would cuff it twice.

In this situation, instead of tucking, because the jean barely just covers the top of the boot, and if I try to tuck it, it will bunch up and fall out of the boot. So, in this scenario, I’d either put it over the ankle boot or do that one cuff I said earlier.

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If you were to go with a different style of cropped pant leg, such as a cropped flare, you could just leave it. You don’t have to do anything, there’s no cuffing, no tucking, it’s a much easier combo, and you can wear it with pretty much any style of ankle boot.

Isn’t this the simplest?

Back to the straight cropped look.

Consider the case where you have a shorter ankle boot that falls well below the jean’s bottom.

You don’t have to do anything; you may simply leave it.

It’s only difficult when you have a few inches of jean over the ankle boot and must pick a choice. Do I cuff? Do I tuck? Is it better to put the jean over the boot?

Some of you are concerned about the cuff cutting you off, but this will depend on the size of the cuff, the color of the denim, and the space between the bootie and the jean.

Don’t worry if you cuff your jean and it’s a dark denim on the inside and out; it won’t break up the line.

Don’t worry if there’s a teeny small piece of skin between the jean and the ankle boot; it won’t break up the line.

Sock Boot

Now I’d want to talk about sock boots, because, while an ankle boot, the sock bootie is a little different from a typical ankle boot.

Some ankle boots are really wide, with a large opening, which is ideal for tucking. Some are slimmer, so you’ll have to decide whether to cuff, tuck, or hang over them.

The sock booties, on the other hand, fit like socks and are extremely snug on the leg, making them excellent for pairing with jeans.

It’s a no-brainer to wear the jeans over the boots if I have the same pair of jeans and want to wear them with sock booties.

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Strappy Shoes

The strappy shoe is the next pair of shoes I’d like to discuss.

The cropped jean is the perfect match for a strappy statement shoe.

Because it’s cropped, you can see the ankle strap, the straps, and all the other funkiness.

Just make sure the jean doesn’t go all the way down to the strappy shoe. The ankle boots are the same way.

If you have a jean that is a little longer than, instance, the ankle strap for your gorgeous statement shoes, I would just make one simple cuff up to avoid any conflicts.

Then then, with the cropped flare and strappy statement shoe, you don’t have to do much; you just let it be.


Pumps are another obvious choice with cropped jeans. They look wonderful together; it’s a fantastic look.

You may be concerned about breaking up the line, particularly if you’re petite, but you’re still wearing heels, so you can get away with it.

It’s a fantastic, sultry outfit, and the cropped jean perfectly frames the shoes. The sneaker becomes the focal point of attention.


Another shoe choice is a fantastic pair of flats, which may be ballet flats, loafer flats, slides, or whatever flats you have in your closet.

You will appear shorter, but you must occasionally balance function and fashion, and you simply cannot wear heels all of the time, especially if you have children and are always on your feet, or if you work on your feet all day.

Flats and cropped jeans work well together as well. A pointed-toe flat will lengthen the leg a little bit more, so that’s one approach to regain some height.

It will also elongate you even more if you wear everything in the same color family, such as a dark jean and a dark shoe.

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Sneakers are the last pair of shoes I’d like to discuss.

White sneakers are certainly popular, but black, gray, and other colors are also popular.

The cropped jean and flat have the same concept.

If you’re concerned about height and the line breaking apart, I’d recommend a platform sneaker or a pumped-up sneaker, both of which are plenty.

Wearing a platform sneaker or simply a sneaker with a large, thick turbo sole shortens your line slightly, but you gain a little back. You’ll gain a few inches as a result.

I hope that clarifies things for you so that when you do decide on those cropped jeans, you’re not overwhelmed by the shoe options and can make a more informed and confident decision.

These are your options.

Cuff, tuck, or hang it over the boot are all options. You’ll be able to tell whether a tuck is going to work or not rather fast. Take a few steps and see if the jean comes out. You’ll know it’s not an option if it starts popping you. Simply cuff it once or twice over the boot.

You have a lot more options with the remainder of the shoes, especially the cropped flares. It won’t be as perplexing.

what to wear with cropped straight leg or flare jeans


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