How to Know Your Body Shape Using Measurements

how to know your body shape

Gather a piece of paper and a pen, as well as your tape measure.

Here you will learn how to know your body shape. You’re going to figure out your body type.

We’re going to be pretty specific to determine  what your body shape is.

This is really significant because the way you dress should be determined by your body type.


Let’s start with the basics: measurements.

You’ll need to take four separate measures for your measurements.

Wear a camisole or a lightly padded bra and underwear to keep it simple.

Grab a buddy, a spouse, or a family member to assist you, or do it all by yourself. I can do my measurements by myself, no problem.

The first measurement you should take is your shoulder circumference, which should be as far up on your shoulders as possible without slipping off.

This can be eye-opening in some circumstances. I usually speak about how narrow my shoulders are, but they’re not really that narrow.

Make a note of that number.

Then you’ll take a measurement around the fullest area of your breast, the widest part.

When you’re taking these measurements, make sure there’s no draping, dropping, or drooping in the back.

It’s stretched taut, but not so tight that it cuts off your circulation.

You’ll want to jot down your bust measurement once you get it.

Let’s go on to discussing natural waist dimensions.

This is usually about the belly button, but it could be a little higher.

Simply select the tiniest section of your natural waist that nips in the most.

Measure around that area, keeping the tape taut but not too tight, and then write down the number.

The final measurement you’ll take is your hip measurement, which will be taken around the fullest part of your hips.

It doesn’t have to be exactly at that hip bone; it might be lower, but take the measurement and write it down.

You now have the information you need to determine your body type.

Before I go into the different body types, I’d like to discuss how you’ll use those measures.

That is extremely important and will save you both time and money.

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I look at the size chart almost every time I place an online order, and I do a lot of experimentation with different designers and companies.

I absolutely despise making returns. It takes so much time out of my day, and if I can reduce the number of returns, I’ll do it every time, and the size chart is the key to reducing the number of returns.

Effortlessly saves you time and money.

Examine the size chart, and compare your bust, waist, and hip measurements to it. It might not be completely accurate. I always round up and size up when in doubt.

So, if I had to choose between a small and a medium, I’ll go with the medium. Between the extra small and the small, I’m going small.

However, make use of the sizing chart!

Don’t forget that the size chart for different size groups, such as petite, might be completely different, and it often is; petite is always different, and it always runs smaller.

In ordinary sizes, I’m a two, and in petite sizes, I’m a four.

I can’t emphasize how important it is to use the size chart. When it comes to internet shopping, the size chart is your best friend, and when you do as much as I do, that saves you a lot of time and money.

Let’s go into your body shapes now. Let’s take a good, hard look at your four measurements and figure out what body shape you have.

I work one-on-one with women, and one thing I’ve learned is that no two bodies are alike.

Every individual is distinct.

You don’t have to fit into any kind of box. You may be a mix, or you could prefer one over the other.

This is simply more information to assist you better dress your body, to help you locate things that fit and compliment your body, which is the most important thing.

So don’t feel like, I’m an hourglass but I have a tummy. Don’t be concerned.

We’re going to get to the bottom of it and figure out what your body type is or what you’re generally like.

how to determine your body shape

Inverted Triangle Shape

The inverted triangle is the first body form I’d like to discuss.

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That’s when you’ll resemble an upside-down triangle.

Your bust and shoulder measurements will be larger than your hip measurements.

I came across a few stories in which people were literally employing mathematical formulae. I’m not kidding when I say it was like dividing the shoulder measurement by the bust measurement.

That isn’t necessary. We’re just going to keep it simple.

You’re an inverted triangle if your shoulder measurement is two or more inches larger than your hips, or if your bust measurement is four or more inches larger than your hips.

Triangle Shape

Let us now discuss the triangle body shape. That is the opposite of the inverted triangle.

When your hip measurement is roughly 5% larger than your bust and shoulder size, you are this body shape.

When I hear percentages, my eyes glaze over, but for those of you who don’t, it’s normally five percent higher.

However, if you just want plain numbers, imagine your hip measurement being two inches or more larger than your shoulders and four inches or more larger than your bust.

Then you’re classified as a triangle.

By the way, the most frequent body type among women is the triangle shape.

How to Know Your Body Shape

Circle Shape

The next type is a circle, which is where your waist is actually the largest measurement. That’s where you carry the weight.

As a result, the waist measurement will be two or more inches larger than the bust, shoulder, and hips.

Rectangle Shape

The rectangle is the following body type. That’s exactly who I am. It’s really boxy.

That’s when you want to go all out to develop a waist, which is exactly what I do all the time.

But, in general, if you have a rectangle shape, it suggests you don’t have a lot of waist definition.

So my shoulder, bust, hip, and waist measurements are all similar, but your waist will not be eight inches smaller than your bust, hips, or shoulders in general.

When you don’t have a defined waist, it’s not that defined, it’s less than eight inches of indentation, there’s less of an eight inch distinction, and you’re a rectangle shape, you’re in a separate category.

Hourglass Shape

Let’s look at the hourglass shape, which is the polar opposite of the rectangle.

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That’s when the shoulders, bust, and hips all have fairly comparable measures, and the waist is well defined, nipping in eight or more inches from the breast, shoulder, and hip measurements. That’s what an hourglass is.

The hourglass body type is the most sought and one that we all want to achieve.

Even if you’re plus size, petite, or tall, you’ll fit into one of these categories.

Some plus-size women have a hourglass shape, while others have a rectangle shape. You should identify with one of these buckets and body types more than the others.

Long or Short Torso

Another important factor to consider is if you have a long or short torso.

Stacking your hands on top of each other is what you’re going to do. Place them under your bust and measure the distance between your hands and your belly button.

If your second hand entirely covers and even reaches below your belly button, you have a short waist.

If your belly button is much below that second hand, you have a lengthy waist.

You’re proportionate if the second hand is right at the belly button.

Knowing whether you have a long or short waist might help you select clothes that fit your body perfectly.

In other articles, I discuss how to dress these various body types. I discuss some general guidelines that can assist you in developing a signature style that is appropriate for your body type, fits well, and flatters your figure.

how to figure out your body shape


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