Best Sleeves For Big Arms (9 Types)

Best Sleeves For Big Arms

Want to know what are the best sleeves for big arms?

This is an issue that many people can connect to. As a result, I hope you find this article to be helpful.

I’ll discuss sleeve types to look for when shopping, as well as sleeves to avoid, fabrics that are appropriate for your arms, and sleeve lengths.

Before we get started, there’s one last point I’d want to make before we get into the nuts and bolts of sleeve selection. That is the language you employ in relation to your body.

The language we use about ourselves is really essential and has a significant impact on us.

I’d like you to consider the terminology you use to describe your body shape, particularly your arms.

If you call your arms fat arms, flabby arms, or bingo wings, these are all phrases that will undermine your self-confidence.

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I’d like you to remove it right now.

Your arms are, after all, your arms!

They have their own distinct shape, and the more you use disparaging terminology to describe your body type, the lower your self-esteem will become.

If you have large arms, or if your arms are heavier, you simply have more arms with which to hug others. Reframe it if you can.

Before we begin, I’d like to emphasize that instead of focusing on what you don’t like about your body and covering it up, consider how you may call attention to what you do enjoy.

It could be a stunning necklace, a fantastic pair of shoes, or a fantastic lipstick. Instead of focusing about how I need to cover up this and that, focus your attention on something you enjoy.

Rather than focusing on the aspects of yourself that you dislike, try to turn it into a positive.

With that in mind, let’s look at how to choose the best sleeves for big arms in terms of practicality.

Types of Sleeves

First, let’s go over the different types of sleeves to look for when you’re out shopping.

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There are many different types of sleeves to pick from, all of which will flatter your body shape.


Let’s start with the sleeve of a kimono. One of my favorite garments is the kimono.

I own a couple kimonos and enjoy wearing them, particularly in the summer when they are light and airy.

The sleeve is nice and broad, which is the best part. They normally have a long sleeve, perhaps three quarters or full length, which is a very flattering sleeve on anyone.

There’s a lot of room here. Kimonos are fantastic for anyone who is self-conscious about various aspects of their body, as they have long lines in the front that create vertical lines that give you length and make you appear thinner.

The fabric’s flow is quite flattering on the body.

The kimono is a fantastic option.

Choir Boy Sleeve

The choir boy sleeve comes next. This has a lot of space as well.

This is cut off just above or around the elbow.

It’ll cover the upper part of your arm while still allowing you to move around freely.

This is a fantastic option if you are comfortable with the lower part of your arm.

Dolman Sleeve

Next up is the dolman sleeve.

This is a garment that is made up of one piece of fabric that is attached from the sleeve to the body of the top or jumper, or whatever it is.

There is no definition around the upper arm area, and there is a lot of space under the arm.

Cold Shoulder

If you’re more comfortable with your shoulders than your arms, a cold shoulder top might be for you.

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This only exposes a small portion of your shoulders while keeping your arms covered. It provides a hint of eroticism while still providing comfort and coverage around your arms.

Leg of Lamb

We have these tops with a lot of cloth gathered up at the upper part of the sleeve, so there’s room for your arm there.

It then narrows down, much like a leg of lamb might.

There’s a word of caution here. If you have a large breast or are top heavy, this may not be the best sleeve for you.

It’s generally a good idea to assess your overall shape.

Bishop Sleeve

You might also try a bishop sleeve. The cuff around the wrist area defines the sleeve, which is rather large.

It comes in a very slim fit, which is a very attractive shape.

Flutter Sleeve

A flutter sleeve is another option.

There’s a lot of cloth in this as well.

Bell Sleeve

The bell sleeve is another option to consider.

This has a bit of a throwback vibe to it.

It adds volume to the sleeve’s lower half. Although it will be worn on the upper arm, the volume on the lower part of the arm, around the wrist, draws attention away from the upper arm.

Balloon Sleeve

You could also want to look for a sleeve with a balloon form.

This one has a lot of volume, just like the others, but it’ll be a little snug around the wrists.

A highly attractive look for someone who is self-conscious about their large arms.

Flattering Sleeves For Big Arms

Which Sleeves Should You Avoid?

This is equally as critical as the prior data. If you have a problem with the top half of your arm, what style of sleeve should you avoid?

Anything that would expose your arm should be avoided. You’re referring to sleeveless or capped-sleeved garments.

Some sleeves will cut you off just at the point on your arm where you are the biggest.

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Anything with an elastic band around that region of the arm isn’t a suitable idea.

It’s not a good idea to have a sleeve length that ends at the widest spot. You want to get below the place on your arm where your broadest point is.

When it comes to sleeve lengths, anything from the elbow down is the most flattering.

The elbow is usually the slenderest section of the arm. The thinner region of the wrist can also be seen if you move your arm to a three-quarter length position. That’ll be a fantastic way to finish your sleeve.


Consider leaving enough area in the fabric for your arms to breathe when you’re looking at fabrics.

That is to say, choose for sleeve lengths that are voluminous.

It may seem odd that the more fabric you add to an area, the larger it appears, but the more fabric you add to an area, the slimmer your arms appear.

When choosing your sleeves, keep this in mind.

Your arms will appear thinner if you have a lot of loose cloth around your arms.

On the other hand, if you choose materials that cling to the body, such as jersey or t-shirt fabrics, they will pull across the largest region of your skin, doing you no favors in that area.

As a result, use fabrics that allow your arms to breathe so they appear smaller.

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