How to Choose a Blazer For Your Body Type

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How to Choose a Blazer For Your Body Type

This post is for you if you are interested in discovering how to select the best blazer for your particular body shape.

There are many articles on this issue, however your vertical body shape is one thing that isn’t being discussed.

Regardless of what you’re wearing, that is quite important.

Most people are aware of the importance of choosing an item based on its lateral proportions. By that, I mean whether you match an hourglass, a triangle, etc.

However, no one is bringing up the length of your blazer in relation to your vertical proportions.

You want to do things well if you’re going to spend money on it. We don’t want to be taking chances or making errors.

I’ll start by talking about the conventional lateral proportions. The vertical proportions will be layered on top of that because they are two distinct concepts.

At the end of this, the question that needs to be answered for you is, “What is the most important thing for me?”

Is it more important to you to lengthen your legs or shorten your torso than it is to manage your lateral proportions, or to bring balance to your body shape?

Rectangle Shape

The rectangle body shape is characterized by measures that are consistent all the way down, from the shoulders to the waist to the hips. There are hardly any curves.

Here, we’re attempting to bring some shape with the help of our blazer.

How do we go about doing that? With really good tailoring.

Don’t just look on the blazer’s front when you’re buying it. Flip the item over to inspect the tailoring.

Does it have a boxy shape or is it shapeless? We want a blazer with a small bit of built-in curvature.

Additionally, we should choose single-breasted blazers with slim lapels. Avoid wearing anything that has a boxy, double-breasted look and is styled in a militaristic manner.

Flip your blazer around and check if curves are incorporated into the tailoring if your body is shaped like a rectangle.

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Oval Shape

The oval, apple, or round shape comes next.

With this shape, we’re thinking about giving the shoulders some structure. It will be ideal to use a small amount of shoulder padding. If your shoulders require a bit more structure, inserts are available for purchase.

That is going to be crucial in this situation.

Another thing to consider is a single button closure that will sit directly below the bust.

Making sure there are a few inbuilt curves is the third thing you want to check for.

You might choose to wear your blazer open with this body shape.

I would advise sizing down if you do prefer to wear your blazer open. You’ll achieve that lovely shape on the back of your blazer there.

Just be aware that you will lose the ability to close it from the front.

Pear Shape

We want to ensure that the upper portion of the body has a lot of structure for the pear or triangle shape.

It implies that you’ll need those strong shoulders. You might even opt for a shoulder-focused look.

On your blazer, you might go for very large lapels. Choosing a double-breasted style will give your top extra volume.

Because it is where the eye line will be, don’t forget to add some color, texture, and intriguing details to that portion of your attire.

Keep the lower half simple and straightforward, and you’ll have great success.

Bring it above or below hips in terms of the length of your blazer. You should avoid cutting yourself off at the broadest part of your hips.

Ensure that you are around four inches above or below.

It’s great for triangle forms to have an attractive waistline; thus, let’s not forget to emphasize that waistline by choosing good tailoring as well.

Inverted Triangle Shape

Upper body features are the most prominent ones for inverted triangles. This body part has to be lengthened.

How do we go about doing that?

We go for blazers that are longer and end four inches below the hips. A pocket detail is something to look for.

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Blazers frequently have some structure. That body part doesn’t actually require any additional structure.

Choose a single breasted style, add pockets to the hip region, and emphasize those long lines.

Hourglass Shape

If you have a hourglass shape, you should steer clear of anything boxy and shapeless and opt for clothing that fits perfectly around your waist.

Avoid double-breasted closures; choose a single-breasted closure instead.

Just make sure that the waist has that great tailoring built into it. Alternately, choose an item with a belt. Or you could put a belt yourself.

Vertical Proportions

Let’s move on to the important part of the vertical proportions.

This is a topic that is never brought up. I can’t believe this isn’t a topic of conversation among other people while choosing clothing.

We need to know if we have long bodies or short bodies.

In general, when we look in the mirror, we can see whether our torso is particularly long compared to our legs. O r if our legs are longer and our torso is shorter.

You may have equal proportions if it is not immediately apparent to you, which is great. You can select from a variety of blazer lengths.

The important thing to note is that your blazer length will be crucial for people with longer torsos and shorter legs in this situation.

What I notice frequently is that people with the longer torsos wear blazers that cut off right on the bum. Th ey can see the bottom half of the bum and the short legs under the jacket.

Simply starting differently or picking a different blazer length could make you look great.

I would suggest you not to throw away those blazers if you are the type of person whose blazer cuts you off directly across the bum. But wear the blazers with skirts instead.

I do have those blazers that cut straight across my bum because I have a long torso and short legs. It isn’t particularly attractive. My legs appear short, and everything seems a little odd.

In order to hide my bum and the length of my legs, I wear high-waisted skirts with the shorter blazers. When I do this, my legs genuinely appear to be longer.

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I would advise choosing a blazer type with a long length if you are going shopping for a new one. When I say long, it must extend past your bum. We are disguising the start of your bum.

We are disguising the length of the legs by choosing such long blazers. Compared to cutting you off right at the bum, it looks so much better.

If you choose a cropped style blazer, which will visually shorten your torso, it will appear as though your bum is hanging low.

In this situation, I suggest putting a larger blouse underneath if you’re wearing a cropped blazer. Here, the blouse should fall just below your bottom.

You are allowed to choose between various blazer lengths. It just depends on how you carry out the final look.

Layering, going a skirt with a shorter blazer, or wearing a long blazer with pants are all acceptable fashion choices.

What happens if your torso is short and your legs are longer?

You’re in luck because there are many various length-based styles available. It won’t have a significant impact on your legs.

The majority of people aim to lengthen their legs. Actually, having a shorter body is quite well proportioned. That’s something you should maintain.

You can accomplish this by choosing a variety of blazers.

The length of your legs should be maintained, your top should be tucked in, a blazer should be worn over it, and that’s all.

I hope that this information will help you pick the best blazer for your body shape.



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