How to Buy a Good Winter Coat

How to Buy a Good Winter Coat

If you’d like to know and understand how to buy a good winter coat, this article is for you.

As winter approaches, I’m sure you’ve already pulled out your winter coats or are considering getting a new one.

Winter coats may be quite expensive, so you should only purchase one if you plan on keeping it in your wardrobe for a while.

Something that has been thoughtfully picked, should last a lifetime, and has the potential to be sold or passed on to another person.

We want to make sure we’re spending our money on the appropriate coats in the first place.

I’ll go through all the minor details you need to think about while buying a winter coat.


I want to talk color first.

Many people will tell you that you should have a traditional camel coat and that you can never go wrong with that.

That has a grain of truth to it. However, not everyone likes the color camel,  especially if your skin has cool undertones.

Some people will not look good in a camel coat. Will it bring the best features of your skin despite being timeless, neutral, and in many other things compatible? Not necessarily.

Be wary of the camel coat unless you wear a wonderful colorful scarf next to your face to break up the color, which may not suit you.

You will look stunning in a camel coat if you have warm undertones. It will bring out your healthy glow. The same would apply if you choose a rich chocolate color.

However, if you have cool undertones, you may want to think about going a different color, like black or gray. However, they are all neutral colors.

It’s possible that you prefer a little bit more color in your life. You may choose another hue from your color scheme, such as a vibrant shade of green or pink to brighten these gloomier days.

So when it comes to color, I’m going to advise you to think about your personality, your present wardrobe, and what will look good after taking all of these factors into account.


Next, let’s talk length. The length will be quite relevant.

Generally speaking, when we discuss coat length, we mean that it ends below the hips. But it will differ for each person.

What looks best on the majority of people, whether they are petite or tall, is anything that falls below the hips. Probably four inches or so below the hips, or for most individuals, mid-thigh.

Just above the knee would be another attractive length. You shouldn’t cut yourself off at a joint, whether it’s your ankle, knees, or hips. Make sure to position yourself above or below each of these joints.

Because it makes you look shorter when you cut yourself on a joint.

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A length that would be ideal for you would be below the knee. It almost has a midi-length, which is incredibly effective.

You might even go all the way down to almost floor length, which gives your outfit a great, sophisticated look.

If you’re petite and going to wear this full length, exercise caution. It might be really overwhelming and drowning. If you are petite, I would advise going for item that is shorter.

Therefore, maintain those lines above or below the joints. The key lies in the length.


The following point is all about closure.

If you have a zip or button details, that is what I mean when I talk about closure.

Zips always seem to me to be a little more casual. Depending on your lifestyle, a zip will give your entire outfit a more casual look.

But anything with buttons will unquestionably take that style to the next level of formality.

Look for buttons rather than zips if you’re searching for something that’s fairly classy and chic.


Now let’s discuss the price of your winter coat.

Depending on your own budget, this is going to differ drastically for everyone. What I would advise is to allocate a significant portion of your budget into your winter coat if you are considering buying a number of various things this winter.

If you choose your winter coat wisely, like I mentioned in the beginning of this article, it should last you a lifetime.

To that end, don’t only think about the price; also think about how often and for how long you’ll wear it, whether it has resale value, and whether you genuinely adore it.

When you can confidently respond to each of these inquiries and state that you intend to wear the item every year for the next 20 years, you become more comfortable making larger purchases.

If at all possible, avoid buying an inexpensive winter coat. It’s not necessary to go beyond budget. Never feel bad about the purchases you make.

However, organize your budget so that your winter coat receives the lion’s share of your spending.

The months of January and February are such a terrific time to buy your winter coat if you’re not in a rush and have something to get you through the upcoming months.

Winter coats are always on sale during the spring months of March and April because they are no longer necessary during those months.

Additionally, consider shopping secondhand if you want to get a little bit more value for your money. There are so many products waiting for you to buy at a fraction of the retail price, some of them are even brand new with tags and have never been worn.

I’ve done that a few times and have come into some true treasures.

Body Shapes

Let’s discuss particular body shapes and the best coats for them.

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Just to refresh your memory, the rectangle body shape has identical measures at the shoulders, waist, and hips. When we look at the silhouette, there are very few to no curves in the body shape.

I constantly tell people with rectangle body types to maintain a certain amount of movement and softness in their appearance. What effect does that have on your winter coat?

Shape-making is what we want. We are thinking coats with a belted middle, or peplum styles. The key word here will also be single breasted.

You shouldn’t choose this double-breasted military-style coat because it will draw attention to the rectangle’s linear frame even more.

You are, however, giving that body shape a little bit more shape by choosing a peplum shape.

Consider adding pockets to the hips if you didn’t want to go all peplum with the style of your coat. That will also add a little bit of volume in various places.


I’m going to add anyone who is conscious of their tummy here. It’s not simply the apple shapes.

Think about long vertical lines for this person.

That is what we are taking into account for people with an apple shape, an oval shape, a round shape, or anyone else who is conscious of their belly area.

We associate this person with single breasted coats when we think of them. The important thing you should be thinking about in this case is that. Choosing very small or thin lapels, or none at all.

In order to lengthen the upper half of the body, you should bring the length of this coat all the way down to roughly the middle of the leg.

That is the goal here.

By choosing single breasted coats, we are achieving that long line. Whether it is fastened with a single row of buttons or worn open, you get those two vertical lines that skim the abdomen and lengthen the upper body.

I would also pay attention to the structure of the shoulders in this situation. Avoid these drooping sleeve shoulders, which do little to flatter the apple shape.

Typically, this person has very delicate, sloping shoulders. We want to bring the shoulders a little bit more structure.

Think of a shoulder pad or anything with a strong shoulder. Additionally, it adds a little bit of height.

If you have this body shape, these are the things you should look for.

Triangle or Pear

This person’s lower body, specifically their hips and bum, is their most prominent feature.

As a result, we’re attempting to bring equal volume to the upper half of the body.

We search for large lapels in our winter coats when taking this into account. We aim to bring everything to the upper body.

You can go for those double-breasted coats. You may choose a coat with a large, furry hood. Consider adding structure to your shoulders as well.

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We want to bring everything up to the upper body. The lower portion should remain extremely sleek.

We don’t want a peplum; instead, we want a style that will skim the hips and have little pocket detailing. You don’t want pocket flaps if there are pockets there; you want it to be really streamlined.

Bring the bottom half and focus entirely on the top.

Inverted Triangle

Since the shoulders or the bust are the inverted triangle’s most prominent feature, we want to now bring that volume downward.

In a winter coat, what does this mean?

It implies that a single breasted style is what you’re going for. Avoid wearing those double-breasted outfits.

We want to keep things pretty simple in terms of lapels. Nothing overly extravagant, large, or no lapels.

You might choose a belted style and add those pocket accents. To balance the upper body, we want to try to bring a little bit of shape into the lower portion of the coat.

Think about a-line or peplum styles, or perhaps pocket features with flaps. Anything that adds a tiny bit additional volume to that body part.

We’re bringing the attention down, we’re trying to minimize the upper half.


What we don’t want to do for the hourglass is opt for anything too boxy or shapeless.

If we do that, our body shape will actually completely disappear.

You should probably think a little bit more carefully and look beyond trends if you want anything in your wardrobe to last.

We are definitely thinking about anything that is belted or tailored.

You definitely have a lot of flexibility from there.

If you add a lot of volume to the upper half with a hood, wide lapels, or interesting features, make sure the lower half follows with an a-line shape, pocket detailing, or a peplum style.

In a same vein, if you keep it extremely simple on top, make sure to keep it simple on the bottom. There are many different coat styles available.

Just make sure the upper and lower sections are balanced and that it is belted or nicely tailored.

I do hope this guide has helped you buy a good winter that will last you a very long time.

Buy a Good Winter Coat


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