Best High Waisted Leggings That Don’t Fall Down

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These extra high waisted firm compression leggings are wonderful in every way! I haven’t come across anything else that even comes close to being as good as these leggings that don’t fall down.

extra high waist compression leggings extra high waisted firm compression legging

These non slip leggings are designed to provide compression all the way down to your ankles and is made of a soft flex microfiber fabric.

Your entire torso is contoured by an inner layer of moisture-wicking firm compression fabric.

The extra high waistband has an anti-slip grip lining at the top to keep it in place no matter what, and is designed for the ideal fit and coverage.

Specific Details of High Waisted Leggings That Don’t Fall Down

best high waisted leggings that don't fall down
leggings that don't fall down

  • Extremely high-waisted, full-length leggings made of soft, flexible microfiber.
  • PowerSlim inner layer for firm compression and full-torso shaping.
  • Fabric that is breathable, wicks moisture away from the body, and dries quickly.
  • Extra-high-waisted with a waistband that fits perfectly.
  • Rolling down of the leggings is stopped by an anti-slip grip lining that goes around the waistline.
  • A flat seam eliminates the potential for chafing.
  • Designed with a ruched seam in the back to give the appearance of a natural butt lift.
  • 35% elastane and 65% polyamide make up the fabric.

More About Leggings That Don’t Slip Down

  • Shapes all the way down to the ankles.
  • Providing a firm compression from the middle to the lower tummy.
  • Compression that is moderate in the upper tummy and the legs.
  • Hides cellulite
  • A lining that prevents slipping and sliding at the top.
  • Microfiber and PowerSlim combined for a double-layered construction.
  • Your waist becomes more defined.
  • There are no areas that are see-through.
  • Multi-wear: Post-partum leggings, shapewear, outerwear, and activewear.
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Pictures of Leggings That Don’t Roll Down

high waisted leggings that don't roll down
anti-slip leggings
leggings that don't roll down
best leggings that don't roll down
leggings that don't slip down
non-slip leggings
not see-through high waist legging
leggings that hide cellulite


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