Best Body Sculpting Shaper For Stomach, Hips & Thighs

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full body sculpting body shaper

This body shaper includes everything you need to successfully sculpt your curves, so get your hands on it right away.

It is composed of a renowned PowerSlim firm compression fabric, which helps to shape both your thighs and entire torso.

The back’s triple-layered fabric provides additional sculpting and the added benefit of back support.

best body shaper for hips and thighs body shaper for tummy and thighs

The back has special seams that give it the appearance of having an hourglass shape.

For all-day comfort, an inner layer of microfiber provides a soft, fresh feel.

The front closure, which consists of a flat hook and a zip, was created with the wearer’s convenience in mind.

This shaper is made to provide total coverage, which helps to slim the figure under clothing.

best body shaper for stomach and thighs body shaper with straps

Although elastic, the wide straps are not adjustable.

A silicone anti-slip grip lining helps the leg bands stay in place and provide support.

This shaper is ideal for everyday use or for use following surgery.

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