What to Wear With Denim Maxi Skirt?

What to Wear With Denim Maxi Skirt?

In this video, the presenter primarily focuses on demonstrating how to style a maxi denim skirt.

The presenter considers the maxi denim skirt a trending fashion piece for the fall and winter seasons.

The video provides practical examples on how to style this versatile skirt.

The video showcases casual outfit ideas, including wearing the denim maxi skirt with a T-shirt, a fun jacket, and sneakers. The presenter experiments with different T-shirt styles, emphasizing the importance of choosing a fitted T-shirt for a more polished look. She also mentions trying short ankle boots as an alternative to sneakers.

The presenter demonstrates how to pair the denim maxi skirt with cardigans. She highlights the significance of wearing ankle boots with a slight heel to add height and create better proportions. The choice of a fitted T-shirt underneath the cardigan is emphasized.

The video presents a stylish combination of the maxi denim skirt with a moto jacket. The presenter complements the look with a striped sweater and knee-high boots, achieving a chic and on-trend ensemble. She also experiments with an oversized bomber jacket, showing that trendy pieces can be combined for a unique look.

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A simple yet effective pairing involves the denim maxi skirt with a plain, organic cotton fisherman sweater. The presenter suggests that even basic sweaters can work well with the skirt but recommends adding accessories, jewelry, and a belt to enhance the overall appearance.

The video explores the trend of wearing socks with loafers or Mary Janes, showcasing white ruffle socks with loafers. The presenter suggests that this look is reminiscent of the 90s fashion. She also tries the combination with Mary Janes but finds it less appealing.

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The video concludes by introducing dressier outfits with blazers. A cropped blazer is favored, and the presenter highlights how it can create a balanced look when paired with the denim maxi skirt.

She also experiments with an oversized blazer but finds that it may not be as flattering for her body shape. Finally, she pairs a black blazer with a skinny heel ankle boot for a more formal look.

Throughout the video, the presenter emphasizes the importance of proportions, choosing the right footwear, and adding accessories to elevate the outfits.

What to Wear With Denim Maxi Skirt? What Jacket to Wear With Denim Maxi Skirt? What Shoes to Wear With Maxi Denim Skirt?

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