How to Choose Skirts For Your Body Type

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skirts for your body type

If you want to wear skirts but aren’t sure which ones are best for your body type, this article is for you.

I’ll go over the various types, how to spot them, and who they’re useful for.

You’ll be well-informed once you’ve finished reading this article!

When it comes to skirts, there are three factors to consider: how high the waist is, how long the hem is, and how full the skirt is.

Waist, hem, and fullness are all factors to consider. That is all there is to it. It’s quite straightforward.

The Waist Level

Your natural waistline does not meet your belly button. It’s a lot more than that. The natural waist is typically higher than most people believe.

The skirt can begin at a higher point. An empire waist is a style that sits below the breast. If you’re an apple who doesn’t want to feel constricted in the stomach, this is a great option.

If your legs are too short, this is also a good option. That’s something I hear a lot from pear-shaped women, especially small women. Your body will appear shorter, and your legs will appear longer, thanks to the high waist.

The term “high rise” refers to a skirt that rises above the waist. Great for girls who wish to emphasize their waists, such as rectangles or inverted triangles who want to appear curvier.

The skirt is called low rise or low waisted if it rises below the waist. Obviously, that one lengthens your torso, but it’s not a problem if you’re wearing a shirt that covers the waistline, or at least the waist of the skirt.

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Length of Skirt

You’ll need a minimum of 15 inches (38 cm) from the natural waist to the hem. It’s not a skirt if it doesn’t have a hem. It’s a belt, after all.

The tiny skirt is what it’s called.

Compared to that, a mini skirt is so conservative. It finishes midway between the crotch and the knee, or anywhere around the middle of the thigh, depending on your height.

Petite women look wonderful in mini and micro skirts, and they definitely make you feel younger.

I understand that for some small girls who already don’t feel taken seriously, looking younger isn’t exactly a plus.

In that scenario, I’d prefer wear pants than skirts. However, such incredibly short lengths are definitely perfect for girls who want to show off their legs.

Then there are above-the-knee skirts, which are frequently flared to allow for more movement.

If you’re a pear or feel your thighs are thicker than you’d like them to be, a flare skirt is an excellent alternative because it’s not too tight around the thighs.

It can be beneficial if you’ve recently given birth and are concerned that your thighs aren’t quite back in shape. That is very natural.

Pencil skirts are often cut to fall just below the knee. If you want to cover your knees, this is a good option. It can also help you achieve a flawless hourglass form. By that I mean you don’t have to be an hourglass; that will make you look like one.

If you’re petite, avoid it because it shortens your legs.

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Then there are mid-calf skirts and maxi skirts that end just below the ankles. These skirts are usually long and flowy, as you wouldn’t be able to walk in them otherwise.

The floor-length skirt is the longest. If you want to, you can hide really high heels behind that one.

The longer the skirt is, the more at ease you’ll be. That is self-evident.

“My waist is tiny, I’m content with my hips, but I have thick legs underneath, what should I do?” I’m frequently asked by pear females.

Because your natural waist is your asset, search for skirts that start at that level and then go maxi or floor-length.

Jennifer Lopez, who is both a pear and a small lady, is a master at this game.

How to Choose Skirt

Fullness of Skirt

The fullness is the last item to consider.

The hem is narrower than the waist level, and the garment is body-tight or nearly so. That is, in essence, a pencil skirt.

An A-line skirt is one in which the hem is broader than the waist. It is physically shaped like an A. It’s a fantastic idea to make your hips appear slimmer than your hem level.

The fuller the skirt has to be, the longer you go.

The skirt is semi-circular, which means it has lovely falls, is wider than A at the hem level, and flows smoothly while you walk.

Circular skirts, such as maxi skirts or floor-length skirts, are common. If you look at the design from above, it’s a full circle while it’s sitting flat on the table.

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When the skirt is longer and you don’t have a vent, a slit in the back, or an opening someplace on the side, you’ll need a lot of fullness for mobility.

All skirts on the market are variants on those three features: waist, hem, and fullness.

You might need to add a zipper, a waistband, an elastic, or a slit someplace, but those are only the finishing touches that make the design wearable and practical. You must be able to get into that skirt and walk normally at the end of the day.

Apart from that, when it comes to skirts for different body types, the only thing that matters is the silhouette, which you now know all about.

I hope you enjoyed this quick guide to skirts!

skirts for different body types


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