Jewelry Styling Tips to Feel Styled

Jewelry Styling Tips

In this video, the YouTuber is sharing 60 second jewelry styling tips that will make your outfits feel styled instead of contrived.

The first styling tip given is to switch out chains and pendants. The presenter suggests trying different combinations to create new looks.

She demonstrates this by swapping pendants on a standard gold chain and using a longer chain to wear heirloom pendants in a different way. She also mentions layering necklaces for a high-impact look and adding pendants to gemstone or beaded necklaces.

The second tip is to go for low effort but high visual impact stacks or combinations. The presenter suggests mixing two or three bold and visually impactful pieces instead of solely focusing on stacking dainty jewelry.

She showcases stacking dome rings on one finger and balancing it with a single dome ring on the other hand. She also mentions the possibility of combining chunky hoop earrings with smaller studs for an interesting mix.

The third tip is to underscore dramatic lengths with necklaces. The presenter suggests layering shorter necklaces to amplify a shorter chain or necklace. She demonstrates this by layering their heirloom chain with gemstone tennis necklace and another necklace of their own, creating texture and dimension.

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She also mentions that longer pendant necklaces with unique textures can change the visual effect and neckline of an outfit.

Jewelry Styling Hacks

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