IPL Hair Removal Handset

With the Peach 2 IPL hair removal handset, undesirable body hair can be removed with ease. With 120 flashes per minute, the device gets to work fast and efficiently removing hair, promoting a silky-smooth finish.


The tool is made of premium silicone and has a self-adjusting head that fits perfectly to the body’s curves and contours. T-Sonic technology helps to effectively capture the hair’s root for the best results.

Together, the handset and the app enable customizable treatments and intensities for a program that fits your needs. Its various intensities let you create a  customizable experience.

ipl-hair-removal-handset-coverage ipl-hair-removal-handset-efficacy


  • 9cm² treatment window
  • T-Sonic pulsations
  • Patented lamp design with a flash speed from 0.5 seconds – delivering 120 flashes per minute
  • 5 intensities and 2 modes – for large and precise areas on face and body
  • Built-in air cooling system
  • Protective silicone shield
  • Customizable in-app treatments


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10-MIN FULL-BODY TREATMENT: With a large 9 cm² treatment window, PEACH 2 rules the laser hair removal market, covering larger skin areas, making it the ultimate hair eraser device.

BETTER COVERAGE: The flexible hair removal device head easily adapts to all your body curves. Use Stamp Mode for precision on smaller areas or Glide Mode for super hair removal speed on larger areas

ULTRA EFFICACY: T-Sonic massage hair remover opens pores for deep light penetration as 120 flashes/min ensure no missed spots, even for bikini hair removal. No more razor bumps & ingrown hair treatment

SKIN COOLING SYSTEM: The most comfortable IPL hair removal with a 360° cooling system, cooling the skin for pain-free IPL permanent hair removal tretaments even on the most sensitive areas.

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PEACH COOLING PREP GEL: Lightweight gel-to-serum formula perfectly preps skin, cools during permanent hair removal treatment, enables effortless glide of the PEACH device & calms for post IPL skincare.



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