How to Style a Denim Dress, 10 Outfit Ideas

How to Style a Denim Dress

This video shows how to take a basic chambray denim dress and create many different outfits with it, ranging from very casual to work-appropriate and even dressy.

She begins by discussing how many of us have dresses in our closet that are specific for occasions, but she wants to show how a basic dress can be versatile for different things.

She explains that she chose the chambray denim dress as an example because it has a lot of potential but can also go frumpy quickly if not styled purposefully.

Throughout the video, she shows ten different ways to style the dress, starting with the dress alone with the tie it came with. She then adds different accessories, such as a nude heel, straw belt, and ivory denim jacket, to create new looks. She also demonstrates layering options, such as a sweater and a leather jacket over the dress.

The presenter also shows how to layer the dress with different jackets and gives options for those who prefer not to wear sleeveless dresses.

In addition to showing different outfits, she also provides tips on how to style the dress to avoid looking frumpy, such as adding height with shoes or elongating the foot with pointed-toe flats. She also emphasizes the importance of purposeful styling and planning in advance to create a cohesive and put-together look.

She encourages viewers to think outside the box and create versatile outfits with their existing clothing.

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How to Style a Denim Dress, 10 Outfit Ideas

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