Floral Printed Off Shoulder Dress


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Made in a floral printed mesh. this sultry gown features an off-the-shoulder silhouette with short sleeves, a high front slit, and ruching throughout that accentuates your every curve.



An off-shoulder dress is a style that exposes the shoulders and collarbone while leaving the neckline bare. This design helps to draw attention to the upper body and balance the wider hips of a pear-shaped figure.

By highlighting the shoulders, an off-shoulder dress can create the illusion of broader shoulders, thus achieving a more balanced overall silhouette.

In terms of print, a printed off-shoulder dress can add a touch of personality and visual interest to the outfit. The choice of print can vary depending on personal style preferences, but opting for smaller or medium-sized prints rather than large, bold patterns can be more flattering. This is because smaller prints can help create the illusion of a more proportionate figure.

When choosing a printed off-shoulder dress, it is important to consider the fit and length. A dress that cinches at the waist or has a defined waistline can accentuate the curves and create a more defined waist.

Overall, a printed off-shoulder dress can be a stylish and flattering choice; it highlights the upper body and adds a touch of femininity while balancing out the proportions.


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