Fall and Winter Outfits to Look Expensive

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Fall and Winter Outfits to Look Expensive

Here are seven pieces that are great for creating expensive-looking outfits without spending a lot of money. They can help you achieve a luxe look effortlessly and on a reasonable budget.


Camel-colored clothing or accessories are a key element in creating an expensive-looking ensemble due to their elevated look. Layer camel coats or caramel knits with black, brown, grey, and denim. Mixing in creams and burgundy leather accessories adds a touch of luxury.

Extra Large Bag

Extra-large bags continue to be popular among fashion enthusiasts. These oversized carryalls exude luxury, especially in leather, adding to their sense of opulence.


Both real leather and its vegan alternatives convey a sense of wealth. Genuine leather naturally exudes richness, but high-quality faux leather options now offer a budget-friendly way to achieve a similar look.

Big Blazer

Investing in a big, boxy blazer, regardless of its price, can instantly elevate any outfit. Whether paired with blue jeans or worn open over a minidress, this versatile piece effortlessly enhances your look.

Fine Knits

Cashmere, cable knits have been revamped into chic versions, breathing new life into the classic textures. Layering cardigans have become trendy, offering a fashionable and versatile option for various outfits.

Monochromatic Outfits

Creating monochromatic outfits is a quick and easy way to look stylish. Neutrals, in particular, convey an elevated vibe effectively. Pair crisp basics such as a button-down shirt and tailored jeans to achieve simplicity and sophistication.

Long Coat

Floor-length coats are more than just outerwear; they can be the entire outfit. Long coats, especially ankle-grazing ones, create a chic silhouette, serving as a statement piece. In winter, wool coats offer elegance, while in transitional months, they complement breezy dresses.

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Fall Outfits to Look Expensive Winter Outfits to Look Expensive


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