Emu Oil For Skin (Benefits)

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emu oil benefits for skin

This video titled “MIRACLE OIL FOR YOUR SKIN !!” provides a detailed exploration of the benefits and applications of emu oil for skin care.

Emu Oil Popularity and Cultural Significance:

  • Emu oil has gained popularity in cosmetic and skincare products over the years due to its perceived benefits for skin glow.
  • The emu is highlighted as the national symbol of Australia, along with the kangaroo, appearing on the Australian coat of arms. The emu symbolizes progress as it cannot walk backward.

Composition and Production of Emu Oil:

  • Emu oil is explained to be rich in oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acids, and antioxidants.
  • Each emu produces approximately 250 ounces of oil. The holistic community is said to be particularly interested in emu oil for its reported benefits on both skin and overall health.

Application and Absorption:

  • Emu oil’s absorption into the skin is attributed to its small particle size, which allows it to penetrate deep into the skin.
  • The video suggests that emu oil can be taken orally in capsule form, and it is commonly used for its potential benefits in reducing inflammation, cholesterol levels, and supporting digestive health.

Top Uses and Benefits:

  • Emu oil is recommended for preventing skin aging, especially sagging, by positively affecting collagen production.
  • The video refers to a study involving emu oil, caffeine, and vitamin K that showed positive effects on reducing wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes.
  • Emu oil is touted for its moisturizing capabilities and is recommended for use on both the face and body to improve hydration and reduce water loss.
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emu oil for skin

Additional Uses and Precautions:

  • The video mentions the use of emu oil for weight loss and lowering cholesterol, suggesting that it may help reduce jowls along with calorie restriction and exercise.
  • Emu oil is claimed to have anti-inflammatory properties beneficial for the gastrointestinal system, particularly in addressing inflammatory bowel disease.
  • It is noted that emu oil repels certain bugs but may attract mosquitoes due to its turpentine content.

Recommended Combinations:

  • Two recommended oil combinations are provided:
  • A 50/50 mix of emu oil with castor oil is suggested to enhance the benefits of castor oil by promoting deeper absorption.
  • Emu oil can be combined with grapeseed oil, especially for use under the eyes after using an LED mask, to achieve a “true glass skin combination.”

Sourcing and Storage Recommendations:

  • Emu oil is advised to be purchased from reputable sources that promote ethical farming and avoid contaminants to ensure the authenticity of the product.
  • Quality emu oil is said to last one to two years, depending on storage conditions, with a preference for cool, dry places away from sunlight.
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