10 Worst Men’s Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

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Men's Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Here I’m going to talk about the 10 worst men’s fashion mistakes to avoid.

Before I get started on the list, I’d like to state a couple things up front.

The first is that this list is not intended to make you feel bad, foolish, or to put you down in any way if you make one of these mistakes. This list is designed to help you look your best.

Second, one’s personal style is quite subjective. What one individual enjoys, another may despise.

What one person deems a mistake, another may consider right.

The thing about this list is that none of the items are subjective. It’s either right or wrong.

Which brings me to the third point I’d want to make. The good news is that each and every one of these mistakes is easily remedied.

So let’s get started right away.

Jacket Too Big

Wearing a suit jacket or blazer that is too big is the number one mistake I see all the time.

It’s never simply a size too big; it’s always two sizes too big.

When picking a suit jacket, keep in mind that there are some things that a tailor can fix.

A tailor may adjust the sleeve length, as well as how it fits in your body. They can let it out or take it in to make it fit properly.

The shoulders, though, are something that a tailor can’t fix. The jacket will look bad if the shoulder is wrong, and it will look even worse if the shoulders are too big.

When it comes to the shoulder, what does it look to be right?

There are various types of shoulders. It can be a very soft shoulder or one with a great deal of rigidity.

However, regardless of the jacket of shoulder on your jacket, the sleeve should fall right off the shoulder. It should have the appearance of a good roll.

When you’re shopping for a suit jacket or blazer, that’s what you’re looking for. When you get it, that’s the one item you’ll want to double-check.

Crewneck T-shirt Under a Button-up

The second mistake is something of a pet peeve of mine. That’s when you wear a crewneck t-shirt under a button-up shirt that’s unbuttoned.

Everything you wear when you get dressed, whether it’s your jacket, your shirt (if you’re unbuttoning it), or if you’re wearing a tie, is supposed to frame your face.

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Wearing a crewneck t-shirt underneath the shirt, in my opinion, completely disrupts the line and is quite disturbing to the eye.

Simply put, don’t do that.

Not Removing Jacket Pocket/Vent Stitching

Number three is to leave the stitching in the vents of your jacket when you receive it from the store.

I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about. The vents are usually stitched shut when you buy a jacket.

The suit jacket pockets, including the breast pocket, are always sewed shut.

This is done to aid in the preservation of the jacket’s shape before it is sold. However, once you get it home, you must unstitched it. It’s not supposed to be there in the first place.

That also applies to the label on the sleeve that advertises the suit or jacket you’re buying. You should also take that down; you don’t want to promote it, and it isn’t supposed to be there.

Untucked Button-up Shirt With Blazer

Wearing a dress button-up shirt with a blazer that isn’t tucked in is the fourth mistake.

When I was in college, this was the thing that everyone did. They wanted to get dressed up, but they’re too cool to be fully dressed up, so they decided to untuck their shirt and give the system the finger. It was like I’m dressy but I’m casual at the same time.

It simply does not look to be attractive.

There are different ways if you want to wear casually tailored or be dressy but casual at the same time. Untucking your shirt isn’t a good idea.

You must make a decision. Are you dressed up or down? Make a choice and go in one direction or the other. Untucking a dress shirt, on the other hand, is a no-no. It’s not a good idea.

Trousers Too Long

Trousers that are overly long are number five.

I’d like to make a distinction between your trousers being overly long and the many forms of breaks that can be found on your pants.

The type of break, whether it’s a full break, a medium break, a small break, or no break at all, is a highly personal decision. It’s a personal choice; it has to do with your particular style and body type.

So you’re free to make your own decision.

What I mean by too-long trousers is that it’s the one thing that may really make someone stand out as someone who doesn’t care about their style or personal appearance.

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If you purchase pants that are too long, have them hemmed to the length that you prefer and that fits your unique style.

This, on the other hand, is something I can’t abide seeing. Simply pay $15 to have them hemmed.

This isn’t just true for dress pants; it also holds true for jeans.

Jacket/Suit Too Tight

The sixth mistake is diametrically opposed to the first.

It’s when you’re wearing a suit, a jacket, or pants that are simply too tight.

There’s a difference between slim-fitting and well-tailored.

Because slim fitting clothing is flattering to some, if you happen to be a Dior model, you can wear it. However, you must have a thorough understanding of your own body.

The main thing to remember is that even if you prefer the slim-fitting look, you may not be able to pull it off due to your body shape. You must acknowledge this and dress accordingly. As a result, you will look more attractive.

Ironic T-shirts

The seventh big mistake is wearing ironic or graphic t-shirts. It’s simply a matter of knowing when to mature.

It’s OK in college. However, as a professional 30 year old man, there is no need for it.

You don’t have to look your t-shirt to look people how brilliant and smart you are. You can accomplish it in a variety of ways.

Poor Quality Footwear

In a similar vein, the eighth mistake is wearing low-quality footwear.

A man’s life comes to a time when he has to buy a nice pair of shoes.

Not just one, but two great pairs of shoes. A pair of black and a pair of brown shoes are recommended.

I’m not referring to the Skechers that resemble dress shoes. The straight-up dress shoe is a must-have, and now is the time to invest one. You also don’t have to pay a lot of money to do so.

However, I believe you should have a beautiful pair of shoes that cost between $150 and $300.

Cole Haan, Johnston and Murphy, and Allen Edmonds are all on the list. These are all excellent shoes that you will invest in, make for a long time, and have a big impact.

I’d also like to look out that if you’re going on a date and meeting a girl for the first time, your shoes will most likely be the first thing she notices. As a point, make certain your footwear is up to par.

Matching Exactly

Which brings us to number 9 mistake, matching exactly.

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I want to differentiate between wearing the same color because a monochromatic look is a pretty cool and easy way to make a big statement.

What I’m referring to is precisely matching your tie to your pocket square.

We’ve all seen the sets that may be purchased at a department store. It’s too simple; it just appears cheap, as if you didn’t put any time or effort picking these.

What you need to do is find something that is complementary to what you already have. The tie should complement the rest of your clothing. The pocket square should complement the rest of your clothing.

The rationale for this is because those accessories are supposed to pull everything together.

Make sure the tire pocket square has a little blue or brown in it if you have some blues or browns. It doesn’t have to be the same shade of blue or brown as the other. Look the use of complementary hues.

Find ways to spice it up, but don’t match these two items, the tie and the pocket square, perfectly.

Wearing a Tie Bar & Waistcoat Together

Before I tell you about the last mistake, let me just state that I am not a big adherent to their style rules.

I’m sure there are a lot of people that follow these rules, and if you don’t, you’re wrong and you’ll look bad.

What I would say to that, or my single rule, is that if something appears to be right, it is right. That’s the kind of code I follow.

However, there is one rule that I will not bend on: wearing a tie bar with a waistcoat.

Please allow me to explain why I dislike this one.

It’s because, on the surface, both the tie bar and the waistcoat serve the same purpose: to keep your tie in place.

So if you’re wearing them both at the same time, you’re in the redundancy department.

I simply don’t see the point.

I’m sure I missed a slew of other fashion mistakes. But, in my opinion, these are the worst.

worst men's fashion mistakes

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