5 Women’s Coat Styles That Make You Look Older

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Women's Coat Styles

Here I discuss the women’s coat styles that will make you look ten years older and what to wear in their place.

Bold Plaids

Plaids are making a big resurgence and are seen as a fall and winter wardrobe essential. However, they can also easily make you look older if you don’t style them correctly.

It is quite difficult for anyone to pull off a plaid coat with a large, bold pattern, especially if it is long because it is so detailed, overwhelming, and covers so much of your body.

Particularly if you have thin shoulders, the plaid coat is the center of attention. This overpowers a short person and makes your legs look shorter as well.

There are ways to make plaids work if you like them. Simply make sure it appears subtle. It’s crucial what you wear underneath. You really need to wear something practical underneath to make them less edgy.

You can put on a pair of high-waisted, dark-washed jeans and wear sock booties with it. Your bottom will appear to be one continuous vertical line as a result of this. Your legs will appear longer, and it will also balance out the length of the plaid coat.

In general, though, solid-colored coats are much simpler to style.

Consider this.

Our bodies are completely covered by coats. Some of them are even ankle length, while others are thigh length. When something is covering such a large portion of your body, you want to make sure that it is not too overwhelming.

To make it easier for you to wear, pick a solid coat, particularly one in a neutral color.

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Sweater Jacket

I’m guilty of doing this. I have a lot of these in my closet, and while they are frequently comfy, it may be challenging to pull them off well.

The reason for this is due to the length. Because the majority of sweater jackets are thigh length. No matter how tall you are, this length might easily make us look older.

This length makes your body look cut in half, which makes it very hard to look good. This will make your legs look shorter than your torso, especially if you are short.

Wearing something shorter underneath is a good way to make it appear functional. When you wear shorter skirts or dresses underneath, the jacket will cover the majority of them.

Your legs will appear longer because your legs are the real focus of this. You will also appear much more useful as a result of this.

Another way to do it is to wear tall boots with it. Generally speaking, tall boots have the magical ability to update and elevate even the most basic of outfits.

Tall boots with a sweater jacket will make you appear to be wearing an outfit that is much more sophisticated.

Velvet Jacket

Here’s a very intriguing fact about velvet. They can make us look older than we actually are, but they can also have a wonderfully vintage look.

Since velvet exudes a particularly festive feeling, many people choose to wear it throughout the holiday season. However, you shouldn’t let a velvet blazer sit around the rest of the year if you have one.

It’s quite challenging to make it fit with everyday clothes. The most common way to wear velvet is to make it look formal, which for most of us means wearing dress pants and a button-down shirt. However, this is perhaps the simplest way to age you.

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Think creatively. In its place, you can wear your faux-leather pants and velvet blazer. It is a much more fascinating ensemble because of the contrast between these two fabrics. Because faux leather has an edgy look, it will balance out the vintage vibe of your velvet jacket and ensure that you look youthful.


Do you have it in your closet? I won’t be surprised if you do. Now that they’re one of the biggest trends, everyone is donning shacket.

Shacket is made up of a shirt and a jacket.

There’s an issue here. It’s easy to make yourself look older if you don’t style it properly.

Shackets typically have extremely long sleeves and no defined shoulders. Even though I’m wearing a size extra small, it still seems very big on me. Not because the size is incorrect, but because it is intended to look big.

Wearing a shacket will make you appear larger than you actually are, with no waist definition and no form at all. That is exactly how it will make you older.

Here is a solution for you if you already have one and don’t want to give it or toss it away.

You must wear it open. When you wear your shacket open, your undergarments will draw more attention than the shacket itself. This will highlight your waistline, especially if you’re wearing pants or jeans with a higher waist. This will make up for the lack of waist definition in your shacket.

Additionally, you should ensure that your jeans or pants are extremely well fitted because, even if you wear your undergarment open, it won’t do much if it is poorly suited. It will still make you look older than you are.

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Robe Coats

The robe coat is so named because of how it wraps around and resembles a robe in some ways. This is distinct from a wrap coat. I adore wrap coats.

Even though they both have belts, the wrap coat has more structure, while most robe coats lack structure, lack definition in the shoulders, and are frequently made of faux fur.

With this kind of coat, there are two main problems.

They encircle a big portion of your body. Simply put, it will make you look bigger than you are. That will never make you look good, and it will almost certainly make you appear to be older.

No matter how you style it, it still appears to be a big, robe-like garment because it lacks any kind of structure and the fabrics are clinging to the body.

A big congratulations. You have gone through all the women’s coat styles that are aging you.

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