What to Wear With a Navy Blue Blazer?

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What to Wear With a Navy Blue Blazer?

I’ll be discussing what to wear with a navy blazer in this article.

I’d like to talk about what a blazer is, and then I’ll give you some options for shirts, trousers, and shoes, as well as a few other things you could wear with a navy blazer.

What is a Navy Blazer?

There are a few things to keep in mind when wearing a navy blazer.

This isn’t a suit. A suit is a jacket and trouser set made of the same fabric that adheres to specific style guidelines.

The only difference between that and a blazer is that a blazer does not come with matching trousers, but many other aspects will be quite similar to a suit, which is why suit jackets and blazer jackets are often confused.

Blazer coats have a nautical sense to them as well, and this nautical vibe has grown over time, although specialty buttons are usually what we see. We’ll also check to determine if it maintains a formal tone.

Blazers are commonly connected with clubs nowadays, which is why they are so popular. Rowing clubs will be wearing regatta blazers. Blazers will be connected with specific universities, clubs, and men’s organizations.

As a result, the blazer will be a little more formal than the sports jacket. Both the blazer and the sports jacket broke off with the suit. The blazer added a touch of formality to the outfit.

The sports jacket is less formal than a blazer since it is more geared toward the sport.

The vast majority of the time, the textiles that we see in a blazer are navy. Worsted wools will be on display. We’ll see hopsack, but practically all of them will be navy.

Sometimes you’ll notice red and bottle green. There will be a few more, such as the regattas, which will be brilliantly colored. However, I’m going to speak about the navy.

When I say “matching,” I’m obviously referring to navy. When it comes to a red or green blazer, there’s no need to be concerned about matching. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing in that situation, as long as those things fit.

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Let’s start with the shirts.

A dress shirt will be the easiest thing to wear with a navy blazer. A light-colored dress shirt with a simple design.

What do I mean when I say light-colored?

Because you don’t want to go with a dark color scheme or a complicated pattern. The reason for this is that those shirts are becoming less formal, and they are beginning to clash with the blazer’s formality.

Blazers can be worn with polos as well. Although I just indicated that blazers should be more formal, they do have a sporting element to them.

These aren’t your average polos. This isn’t a shirt you’d find at Old Navy. I’m referring to a higher-end polo that will be produced from a higher-end cotton, usually pima cotton, and will be very silky to the touch.

It will almost always sell for at least a hundred dollars. We’re talking about more attractive polos that will keep their shape.

The color is going to be crucial here. They’ve kept the color scheme.

If it’s hot outside, you can wear a short-sleeved polo with a navy blazer, or a longer sleeve.

Because you may wear a very lightweight, dark-colored, or in some cases, light-colored sweater with a blazer, you’ll see them matched with knits on occasion.

This is a bit more difficult to pull off, and you’ll need to be a seasoned dresser who knows what she’s doing, especially when it comes to matching it with the trousers.

However, the vast majority of men will find it easier to remain with a conventional dress shirt in white or light blue, or to introduce a minor, repeating design. However, those two hues will be extremely safe, especially when paired with a navy blazer.


Let’s go on to trousers now.

With a navy blazer, you can wear jeans, but be cautious. Understand that you’re getting dangerously near, and pulling that off is difficult, so I’d save it for males who know what they’re doing.

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For most males, it’ll be as simple as pairing it with a pair of unusual trousers. By that, I mean any pair of dress slacks that don’t look like they’re attempting to match the navy blazer.

You’ll want a little contrast here. Some men can pull off red trousers with a navy blazer, and I’ve seen them do so. But the idea is to avoid having anything that is too closely matched, as this would make it appear as if you’re putting together a suit.

Gray flannels are a fantastic choice, and gray comes in a variety of hues ranging from light gray to medium gray to charcoal gray. With a navy blazer, all of these look great.

You can also look through a moleskin notebook. Other sorts of trousers are khakis and chinos. Those are going to be a little more laid-back, but you can still pull them off, especially if you wear well-fitting clothing and the appropriate footwear.

What to Wear With a Navy Blue Blazer Men


Let’s talk about shoes for a moment.

Bloochers, or derbies, are a type of casual dress shoe.

Many of you may perceive this to be a more formal dress shoe, but the trick here is to concentrate on those trousers.

A pair of brown Derbies will complement your gray flannels perfectly. One of my favorite outfits is this one. You can, however, bring in slip-ins. You may bring in both the double and single monks. With a navy blazer and a decent pair of strange trousers, any style of monk strap will look great.

Start bringing in Chelsea Boots as well. The majority of Chelsea Boots you’ll encounter are black, and you should avoid wearing black shoes with a navy blazer unless you’re wearing gray trousers. The transition is then smooth.

Let’s take a look at driving shoes, sometimes known as moccasins. You might want to think about these. Maybe if you’re wearing jeans, maybe if you’re wearing a pair of chinos or khakis.

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Then you might be able to pull it off, but keep in mind that it’s a pretty casual style, even though the boat shoe look does well in a marine scene. This is when the navy blazer shines the brightest.


A navy blazer pairs well with ties, pocket squares, watches, and other accessories.

You can wear a navy blazer without a necktie if it’s a single-breasted navy blazer, but not if it’s a double-breasted navy blazer. Wear a necktie at all times.

You can wear a really neat, nice, white, light-colored dress shirt without a necktie if it’s an informal, very casual gathering.

This is also the time when you can pull off an ascot. You could actually wear that excellent ascot if you don’t want to wear a necktie.

I’d suggest looking into something that would allow you to have a little more fun. This is when you can wear a club tie and pocket square to a club event. It just happens to work.

With the pocket square, you can be a little more casual, however a plain, white presidential fold is always welcome.



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