What to Wear If You Have Broad Shoulders?

What to Wear If You Have Broad Shoulders?

Having broad shoulders can make it challenging for many women to find clothing that fits properly.

Here are some tips that may work for you if you have broad shoulders and are looking for solutions to address them.

In this article, I’ll discuss how to style your tops and bottoms as well as what to look for when shopping for clothing.


Let’s talk about the necklines you should wear if your shoulders are broad. You want to give the impression that they are much narrower.

You should wear a standard or narrow v-neck, as well as a regular or smaller scoop.

V-neck tops flatter my form and neckline the best, therefore I adore wearing them. Instead of emphasizing my shoulders, they put focus on the center of my chest.

Therefore, strive to show your neckline when selecting a top. You don’t have to show everything. Instead of emphasizing your shoulders, attempt to slightly open that up so that it emphasizes your body’s center.

Straps & Sleeves

Additionally, wider top straps than spaghetti straps will make your shoulders appear narrower and smaller.

Wearing sleeves with a diagonal cut is another small tip you can use. The shoulder is greatly softer as a result.

Instead of wearing a sleeve that cuts straight across horizontally, you opt for sleeves that are more diagonal. That will also make the shoulders softer.

Dolman sleeve tops are another option. These are the tops that have an oversized silhouette with no seaming or stitching at the armhole.

They feature that dome shape at the top, which makes them ideal for women with broad shoulders. They’ll elongate the appearance of your shoulders.

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You can help balance out your broad shoulders by wearing a top with flared kimono sleeves.

If you have broad shoulders, Dolman and kimono sleeves are excellent choices.

Consequently, you want a v-neck, narrow v-neck, scoop-neck, wide straps, kimono sleeve, or Dolman sleeve. If you have broad shoulders, you will be going for those things.

Wear on a Necklace

Wearing necklace is the next piece of advice. Instead of emphasizing your shoulders, it places emphasis on your neckline and the center of your body.

If you wear a lengthy necklace, it gives the illusion that your body and shoulders are broken up. Instead of focusing on the wider section of your body, it brings attention to that particular point.

Another option is to layer necklaces. It is really effective in emphasizing your midsection and making broad shoulders appear slightly smaller. Simply said, it deflects attention from them.

Maximize The Lower Half

You want to minimize your upper body and maximize your lower half since, theoretically, you are bigger on top and smaller on the bottom.

On your lower body, you should wear lighter hues, designs, and textures; on your upper body, wear darker hues, minimal prints, and little to no adornment.

Because you want to highlight the smaller portion of your body and downplay the larger portion of your body. It’s just creating this visual balance.

So choose deeper hues for the top. Lighter colors don’t work as well as darker hues because black naturally makes you look a little slimmer. After that, you would pick a pair of lighter pants, such beige or white.

I’m not saying you can’t wear white tops. Without a doubt, you should. It truly depends on the type of outfit and what you wear on the bottom.

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Give your bottom more volume. Flare pants and wide-legged pants are perfect for that.

It lifts the weight off your shoulders, making them look smaller and narrower and bringing attention to your bottom when you add volume to your bottom, which also makes the top part of your body appear thinner.

Undoubtedly, wide-leg pants work great. I can’t stress that enough.

That is how you should view your dress code. It actually involves maximizing your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses.

What Dresses to Wear?

You won’t be disappointed with skater or wrap dresses.

However, it’s crucial to watch out for puffy sleeves on your dress, which can make volume and increase your shoulder line.

If this is anything that is loose and falling, it should be fine. You can rely on a skater dress or a wrap dress because they will emphasize your waist, make it appear smaller, and do the opposite of emphasizing your shoulders.

If you have broad shoulders, a dress that you can belt should be perfect because it will accentuate attention to your waist.

Accentuate Your Waist

Wearing a crop top or using a belt will help you achieve that.

Because some crop tops are longer than others, they don’t show too much skin.

Rather than emphasizing your upper body, they highlight your waistline.

If that’s not your thing and you’re not a top fan of crop tops, it’s perfectly OK. You can wear anything and add a belt on it to make it stand out. That also works very nicely.

You can try several things and see what works best for you and what makes you feel most comfortable.

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Things to Avoid

There are some things that a broad-shouldered woman should avoid.

Avoid wearing anything with a bateau neck, a wide v-neck, spaghetti straps, an off-the-shoulder top, or a top with a Bardot neckline.

Any type of puff sleeve, ruching, or shoulder detail on a blouse, t-shirt, sweater, or dress should be avoided, as should shoulder padding on jackets.

You should avoid wearing shoulder pads with your jackets and search for blazers with pretty slim, sleek, narrow lapels. There should be nothing extremely wide that could create the illusion of being wider across the top.

Although horizontal stripes won’t be your buddy, you can probably still wear them. Once more, it will give the impression that the top is wider.

That is something you ought to keep in mind both when getting ready for the day and when going shopping.

Those are some basic tips for those of you who want to know what to wear with broad shoulders.

what to wear with broad shoulders?


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