What is Peccary Leather?

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What is Peccary Leather?

I’d like to talk about peccary leather in this post.

Unquestionably, my favorite leather is shell cordovan. My second favorite leather is without a doubt peccary.

In this article, I want to really get into what it is about peccary leather that I find so alluring, some of the characteristics I really value, and some of the characteristics you might want to expect if you were seeking to buy a pair of peccary shoes.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is Peccary Leather?

If it wasn’t clear enough, peccary leather originates from the peccary.

In essence, it is an animal that resembles a pig. Both a pig and a wild boar are different from it. Go ahead and read up on those distinctions if you’re interested in learning more about them.

The robustness and natural texture of the leather are two of the qualities I like most and which have really attracted me to it. That is all due to the leather’s naturally occurring texture.

There are additional leathers available, including pebble grain, hatch grain, and scotch grain. All of the embossed leathers were produced in the tannery.

The unique texture of peccary leather originates directly from the animal’s hide.

When trying to tell whether a shoe is made of pigskin or peccary leather, the biggest visual differences are groups of three dots on peccary leather. Those dots seem like small dimples. In reality, they are the remaining component of the animal’s hair follicles.

Peccary leather is regarded as a premium leather because it is exceptionally soft, durable, and has a high elasticity or stretch factor. Used frequently in gloves and other small leather items. but undoubtedly in a lot of others. Expensive men’s footwear is another area where it is used.

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Let’s start with the appearance.


This leather is particularly appealing for shoes because of the visible pore structure, the dispersed location of those pores, the tiny hair marks, the texture, and how it responds to patina.

That’s one of the things of it that I really value.

When it comes to the feel and appearance of the shoe, this will vary from shoemaker to shoemaker. The type of peccary leather they’re sourcing will ultimately determine how it turns out.

Gloves for either men or women are typically made of peccary leather. Because of this, people have the impression that it is a particularly fluffy and supple type of leather.

That is exactly what you see on some peccary leather shoes, like the Carmina, and it is OK. Simply put, it is going to be distinguished from the others in a number of respects by virtue of its unique characteristics.

Peccary leather from Antonio Meccariello, on the other hand, is of a much more robust; it is of a thicker peccary leather, and this is without getting into the tannage components of what he does differently with his peccary leather.

It’s simply a thicker peccary, which he obtains from a different location and has had previously tanned and then re-tanned specifically to make it more suitable for shoes.

The ripple and roll in the break of Antonio Meccariello’s shoe are substantially thicker. When we look at Carmina shoes, this has more of that glove leather look and feel—not that one is better than the other. It simply wrinkles a little bit more easily. Simply put, it’s the characteristics of the leather.

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Let’s discuss some of the leather’s performance.

One of the most significant advantages of naturally textured leather is that it really allows that texture and that hide to function as it was designed to when you’re wearing these in the rain.

It handles the weather really well.

If you would like, you can still give it a good high shine. If you’re looking for a casual dress shoe, this leather is incredibly versatile.

As we talk peccary leather, there are a few things to remember.

Peccary leather, like shell cordovan, is known for its durability and creates a one-of-a-kind look. Additionally, peccary leather has a high potential to develop a patina over time.

After several years of use, you can still see a lot of that antiqueing around the different portions of the shoe, which shows how well it is aging. Age has only actually made it softer and more supple.

Hopefully, this has clarified some misconceptions about peccary leather and opened some guys’ eyes.

If you enjoy patina and textured leathers, it’s definitely something I would strongly recommend. It is a leather that can be used for a variety of shoes.

Peccary Leather Shoes

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