What Colors Match With Orange Clothing? How to Wear Orange!

What Colors Match With Orange Clothing?

In this article, I’d like to focus on the color orange in particular.

I’ll explain what it symbolizes and how it makes us feel when we wear or gaze at it.

Finally, some of the colors that are the most straightforward to pair with it.

That way, if you’re wanting to incorporate it into your own clothing, you’ll have some ideas.

About Orange Color

Let’s start with the meaning of the color orange and how it makes us feel.

The color orange is a mixture of yellow and red.

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You receive the yellow’s vibrancy and vitality, as well as the red’s passion, in perfect balance.

You can get more yellow or more vibrancy, or more red or more passion, depending on the type of orange you’re working with.

You can actually use this to identify an orange that depicts those internal balances.

When I looked up what the color meant beyond how it makes me feel when I look at it, I discovered that we seem to associate it with transitions, as orange shows frequently in nature at transitional seasons. Spring to summer or autumn to winter are the seasons.

That makes it a very stimulating color, a very vibrant color, and one that, despite its prominence, can feel very fresh and clean.

When I look at the color orange, I get a pleasant feeling because of how it appears in nature. I sense excitement and then a sense of peace. Because anything that has to do with nature makes me feel more at ease.

These are all things to bear in mind if you wish to experiment with the color.

Before we go into color pairings, I’d want to point out that the color orange can be difficult to wear. Wearing up by your face can feel almost impossible.

As a result, I adore it as an accessory. Belts, shoes, and bags are all excellent for this.

If you have olive complexion that leans more or less green depending on the season and how tanned or pale you are, orange is actually a very complementing color, and you may find a lot of benefit in orangey-based makeup.

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When I’m feeling very green, I find that wearing more orangey makeup looks great. Peachy colors, coral colors, and other hues that match my skin’s green tone.

Even if you don’t want to wear the color, it’s fun to experiment with. You might be able to incorporate it into your makeup.

Colors to Match With Orange Clothing

Let’s take a look at some of the most straightforward colors to pair with orange.


Because I like to draw inspiration from nature, orange pairs well with green and all shades of green.

Pair it with a gorgeous deep green for a truly rich impact. A mossy or olive green looks stunning as a gentler alternative that really allows the orange shine.

They all have similar energy levels, and they perfectly balance each other. Because you don’t see them together very often, they look really classy when worn together. When you do, however, it seems quite comfortable and familiar.

What Colors Go With Orange Clothes?


Orange and gray is my favorite color to pair with orange and something I’m drawn to every time I see it.

This is because gray has a serious tone to it, and gray may also have a very classic and historic feel to it. Orange awakens it up a little bit. When you mix gray with orange, it adds a little vigor to the step.

An all-gray suit with an orange accent, in particular, is stunning. It’s both classic and unexpected, yet it’s extremely elegant.


Returning to nature, if we shift the seasons a little and move from spring or summer to fall, a color that combines so well with orange is brown, camel, and all of its shades.

It’s a common pairing, and we see it all the time. As a result, it’s both comfortable and attractive.

Pairing red hair with camel or brown in your dress is stunning, especially if you have red hair. It appears to be fantastic. Every time I see it, it captivates me, and it’s a classic mix that I adore.

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The color red is another color that appears frequently in nature when combined with orange.

We see it all the time, especially in the context of fire and then the autumn season. Within it, you get every possible combination.

Oranges and reds with a lot of depth. There are some that are cool toned and a little more burgundy, and then there are others that are quite brilliant and warm. Things that literally look like fire.

They’re just so lovely together, but they’re also really noticeable.

When we see them together, there’s something in our nature that makes us pay attention.

This is one to experiment with if you enjoy attracting attention and having people notice you.


If we take orange in the context of the fall season and look up against the sky, the combination of orange and blue is very stunning. They are quite well-balanced.

You get the orange’s brilliance as well as a sense of intensity. But then there’s something extremely relaxing and tranquil to counteract it. They’re both unexpected and familiar when they’re together.

When we go to nature for inspiration, we often find color combinations that evoke a sense of familiarity in us, allowing us to tap into the feeling we desire.

The colors orange and blue, in particular, make me feel fantastic.

They’re really pretty, and it’s also a very simple color to include into your clothing because blue can be seen in blue jeans. So lovely in blue denim with an orange belt and a white tee.

The color orange looks stunning with midnight blue, a rich navy, and even black when we darken the daytime sky and magnificent shades of blue to make it nightfall.

You may conjure up a variety of emotions for each of them when you put them all together.

Personally, I associate black and orange with Halloween. If you enjoy it, that’s something you can lean into.

Alternatively, if you want to finish up with something incredibly luxurious but don’t want to go all out for Halloween, a navy suit is an unexpected, but very classy way to accomplish so. They are in perfect harmony with one another.

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Navy is one of my favorite colors, and when it’s coupled with something a little more vivid, it really brings it to life. It simply gives it a more sophisticated appearance.


You can completely lighten it up by combining orange and white.

For me, wearing orange and white in large amounts, in roughly equal proportions, orange top, white pants, makes me feel like carrot cake. It’s something I try to stay away from.

However, when done in more unbalanced ratios, it looks stunning. Perhaps an orange item and a white ensemble.

Alternatively, wear an all-orange ensemble with a little cream or off-white handbag. It’s a combination that we see a lot in nature, especially in flowers.

Playing with the ratios seen in nature is a great approach to get started on that one.


Last but not least, there’s a color that I don’t see paired with orange very frequently, but every time I do, I think it’s stunning. It tells a lot about the person who is wearing it.

Because orange and purple, like orange and red, is incredibly eye-catching. As part of your ensemble, it makes a big impression.

It exudes a level of refinement and self-assurance that is stunning.

Purple is a regal color on its own, and when combined with orange, it creates a look that balances out the purple’s sophisticated, serious tone. Brings out the orange’s youthfulness and vibrancy in a way that is simply stunning.

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